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    739739      deleted when the tests are finished. This means your user account needs
    740740      permission to execute ``CREATE DATABASE``.
     742.. admonition:: Getting 'ImportError: No module named pkg_resources' errors?
     744    If you find the above error when running the unit tests, make sure you've
     745    installed the setuptools_ package for the Python version you are using.
     746    One of the tests tries to load a Django template from an egg so setuptools
     747    is needed for that particular test.
     749.. _setuptools: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/setuptools/
    742751To run a subset of the unit tests, append the names of the test modules to the
    743752``runtests.py`` command line. See the list of directories in
    744753``tests/modeltests`` and ``tests/regressiontests`` for module names.
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