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    # HG changeset patch
    # User Damian Terentiev <infusiastic@gmail.com>
    # Date 1213430800 -14400
    # Node ID 85d8061895a75b9904d86462d380fc32a9145734
    # Parent  6a1e6ffe731aef9ca80fdc6747b0ceb21f7a483f
    Clarified the i18n docs
    Added the instruction to set LANGUAGES setting in addition to LANGUAGE_CODE if the user wants to run Django in his native language.
    diff -r 6a1e6ffe731a -r 85d8061895a7 docs/i18n.txt
    a b  
    518518If all you want to do is run Django with your native language, and a language
    519519file is available for your language, all you need to do is set
    520 ``LANGUAGE_CODE``.
     520``LANGUAGE_CODE`` and ``LANGUAGES``.
     522For example, if you want to run Django in German, you should have the following in your settings.py::
     524    LANGUAGE_CODE = "de"
     525    LANGUAGES = (
     526        ("de", "German")
     527    )
    522529If you want to let each individual user specify which language he or she
    523530prefers, use ``LocaleMiddleware``. ``LocaleMiddleware`` enables language
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