Ticket #7191: url_dispatch.patch

File url_dispatch.patch, 662 bytes (added by Andrews Medina, 11 years ago)
  • url_dispatch.txt

    157157does not include GET or POST parameters, or the domain name.
    159159For example, in a request to ``http://www.example.com/myapp/``, the URLconf
    160 will look for ``/myapp/``.
     160will look for ``myapp/``.
    162162In a request to ``http://www.example.com/myapp/?page=3``, the URLconf will look
    163 for ``/myapp/``.
     163for ``myapp/``.
    165165The URLconf doesn't look at the request method. In other words, all request
    166166methods -- ``POST``, ``GET``, ``HEAD``, etc. -- will be routed to the same
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