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  • docs/newforms.txt

    15661566These methods are run in the order given above, one field at a time.  That is,
    15671567for each field in the form (in the order they are declared in the form
    1568 definition), the ``Field.clean()`` method (or it's override) is run, then
     1568definition), the ``Field.clean()`` method (or its override) is run, then
    15691569``clean_<fieldname>()``. Finally, once those two methods are run for every
    1570 field, the ``Form.clean()`` method, or it's override, is executed.
     1570field, the ``Form.clean()`` method, or its override, is executed.
    15721572As mentioned above, any of these methods can raise a ``ValidationError``. For
    15731573any field, if the ``Field.clean()`` method raises a ``ValidationError``, any
    16891689        comment = forms.CharField()
    16911691This form will include three default TextInput widgets, with default rendering -
    1692 no CSS class, no extra attributes. This means that the inputs boxes provided for
     1692no CSS class, no extra attributes. This means that the input boxes provided for
    16931693each widget will be rendered exactly the same::
    16951695    >>> f = CommentForm(auto_id=False)
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