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1diff --git a/docs/contributing.txt b/docs/contributing.txt
2index 37c9196..1447c11 100644
3--- a/docs/contributing.txt
4+++ b/docs/contributing.txt
5@@ -220,7 +220,8 @@ don't meet all the requirements of a `good patch`_.
7 One way to help out is to *triage* bugs that have been reported by other
8 users. A couple of dedicated volunteers work on this regularly, but more help
9-is always appreciated.
10+is always appreciated but, please, read this whole section before starting to
11+*triage* bugs.
13 Most of the workflow is based around the concept of a ticket's "triage stage".
14 This stage describes where in its lifetime a given ticket is at any time.
15@@ -239,8 +240,23 @@ We've got two roles here:
16     * Core developers: people with commit access who make the decisions and
17       write the bulk of the code.
19-    * Ticket triagers: community members who keep track of tickets, making
20-      sure the tickets are always categorized correctly.
21+    * Ticket triagers: community members with proven criteria and expertice
22+      on the matter who keep track of tickets, making sure the tickets are
23+      always categorized correctly.
25+This does not mean you cannot triage tickets. Any help is always very welcome and Anybody
26+can help in this matter. In fact, the only difference between you and a triager is expertice.
27+While gainning this expertise, please, try to follow this tips:
29+    * Do not close bugs as "wontfix", see the definition of "wontfix" below,
30+      but in general, it's a decission in hands of *core developers*.
32+    * Do not promote tickets to "Ready for Checkin" unless you feel *very* confident
33+      about the patch provided and you are not related to the ticket itself
34+      (You know, it's not good to judge oneself's work).
36+    * Only close tickets as "invalid" if those are clear cases like help requests
37+      which sould be placed to ``django-users`` (tell so when closing the ticket).
39 Second, note the five triage stages:
41@@ -295,10 +311,10 @@ A ticket can be resolved in a number of ways:
42         Used if the ticket is found to be incorrect or a user error.
44     "wontfix"
45-        Used when a core developer decides that this request is not
46-        appropriate for consideration in Django. This is usually chosen after
47-        discussion in the ``django-developers`` mailing list, and you should
48-        feel free to join in when it's something you care about.
49+        Used when a *core developer* or a *ticket triager* decides that this
50+        request is not appropriate for consideration in Django. This is usually
51+        chosen after discussion in the ``django-developers`` mailing list, and
52+        you should feel free to join in when it's something you care about.
54     "duplicate"
55         Used when another ticket covers the same issue. By closing duplicate