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    575575      to the template: ``request_path``, which is the URL that resulted
    576576      in the 404.
     578    * The 404 view is rendered with ``RequestContext`` and will have access to
     579      variables supplied by your ``TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS`` (e.g. MEDIA_URL).
    578581    * If ``DEBUG`` is set to ``True`` (in your settings module), then your 404
    579582      view will never be used, and the traceback will be displayed instead.
    589592This means you need to define a ``500.html`` template in your root template
    590593directory. This template will be used for all server errors. The
    591 default 500 view passes no variables to this template.
     594default 500 view passes no variables to this template.  The default 500 view
     595is rendered with an empty ``Context`` to lessen the chance of additional errors.
    593597This ``server_error`` view should suffice for 99% of Web applications, but if
    594598you want to override the view, you can specify ``handler500`` in your
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