Ticket #573: add_+_to_ManyToMany.diff

File add_+_to_ManyToMany.diff, 949 bytes (added by anonymous, 13 years ago)
  • django/views/admin/main.py

    752752    # fields with relationships to editable objects get an "add another" link,
    753753    # but only if the field doesn't have raw_admin ('cause in that case they get
    754754    # the "add" button in the popup)
    755     elif field.rel and isinstance(field.rel, meta.ManyToOne) and field.rel.to.admin:
     755    elif field.rel and isinstance(field.rel, meta.ManyToOne) or isinstance(field.rel, meta.ManyToMany) and field.rel.to.admin:
    756756        t.append('{%% if perms.%s.%s %%}' % (field.rel.to.app_label, field.rel.to.get_add_permission()))
    757757        t.append(' <a href="../../../%s/%s/add/" class="add-another" id="add_%s" onclick="return showAddAnotherPopup(this);">' % \
    758758                    (field.rel.to.app_label, field.rel.to.module_name, field_id))
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