Ticket #5423: 5423.diff

File 5423.diff, 798 bytes (added by Russell Keith-Magee, 11 years ago)

Possible fix for problem

  • django/core/management/commands/dumpdata.py

    11from django.core.management.base import BaseCommand, CommandError
     3import sys
    34from optparse import make_option
    56class Command(BaseCommand):
    3637            for model in get_models(app):
    3738                objects.extend(model.objects.all())
    3839        try:
    39             return serializers.serialize(format, objects, indent=indent)
     40            serializers.serialize(format, objects, indent=indent, stream=sys.stdout)
    4041        except Exception, e:
    4142            raise CommandError("Unable to serialize database: %s" % e)
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