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    362362Customize the admin look and feel
    365 Clearly, having "Django administration" and "example.com" at the top of each
    366 admin page is ridiculous. It's just placeholder text.
     365Clearly, having "Django administration" at the top of each admin page is
     366ridiculous. It's just placeholder text.
    368368That's easy to change, though, using Django's template system. The Django admin
    369369is powered by Django itself, and its interfaces use Django's own template
    389389``admin`` subdirectory.
    391391Then, just edit the file and replace the generic Django text with your own
    392 site's name and URL as you see fit.
     392site's name as you see fit.
    394394Note that any of Django's default admin templates can be overridden. To
    395395override a template, just do the same thing you did with ``base_site.html`` --
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