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fixes another two or three glitches

  • docs/testing.txt

    582582    $ ./manage.py test animals.AnimalTestCase
    584 **New in Django development version:**To run a single test method inside a
     584**New in Django development version:** To run a single test method inside a
    585585test case, add the name of the test method to the label::
    587587    $ ./manage.py test animals.AnimalTestCase.testFluffyAnimals
    681681same arguments as the Django test runner:
    683683``run_tests(test_labels, verbosity=1, interactive=True, extra_tests=[])``
    684685    **New in Django development version:** ``test_labels`` is a list of
    685686    strings describing the tests to be run. A test label can take one of
    686687    three forms:
    687689        * ``app.TestCase.test_method`` - Run a single test method in a test case
    688690        * ``app.TestCase`` - Run all the test methods in a test case
    689691        * ``app`` - Search for and run all tests in the named application.
    690693    If ``test_labels`` has a value of ``None``, the test runner should run
    691694    search for tests in all the applications in ``INSTALLED_APPS``.
    697700    **New in Django development version:** If ``interactive`` is ``True``, the
    698701    test suite may ask the user for instructions when the test suite is
    699702    executed. An example of this behavior would be asking for permission to
    700     delete an existing test database. If ``interactive`` is ``False, the
     703    delete an existing test database. If ``interactive`` is ``False``, the
    701704    test suite must be able to run without any manual intervention.
    703706    ``extra_tests`` is a list of extra ``TestCase`` instances to add to the
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