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fixes another two or three glitches

1Index: docs/testing.txt
3--- docs/testing.txt    (revision 5769)
4+++ docs/testing.txt    (working copy)
5@@ -581,7 +581,7 @@
7     $ ./ test animals.AnimalTestCase
9-**New in Django development version:**To run a single test method inside a
10+**New in Django development version:** To run a single test method inside a
11 test case, add the name of the test method to the label::
13     $ ./ test animals.AnimalTestCase.testFluffyAnimals
14@@ -681,12 +681,15 @@
15 same arguments as the Django test runner:
17 ``run_tests(test_labels, verbosity=1, interactive=True, extra_tests=[])``
19     **New in Django development version:** ``test_labels`` is a list of
20     strings describing the tests to be run. A test label can take one of
21     three forms:
23         * ``app.TestCase.test_method`` - Run a single test method in a test case
24         * ``app.TestCase`` - Run all the test methods in a test case
25         * ``app`` - Search for and run all tests in the named application.
27     If ``test_labels`` has a value of ``None``, the test runner should run
28     search for tests in all the applications in ``INSTALLED_APPS``.
30@@ -697,7 +700,7 @@
31     **New in Django development version:** If ``interactive`` is ``True``, the
32     test suite may ask the user for instructions when the test suite is
33     executed. An example of this behavior would be asking for permission to
34-    delete an existing test database. If ``interactive`` is ``False, the
35+    delete an existing test database. If ``interactive`` is ``False``, the
36     test suite must be able to run without any manual intervention.
38     ``extra_tests`` is a list of extra ``TestCase`` instances to add to the