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Rough stab at a documentation patch

  • docs/django-admin.txt

    400400might be in ``INSTALLED_APPS`` by default. When you start a new project, run
    401401this command to install the default apps.
     403.. admonition:: Altering existing tables
     405   ``syncdb`` will only create tables for models which have not yet
     406   been installed; it will never issue ``ALTER TABLE`` statements to
     407   match changes made to a model class after installation.
     409   This is because changes to model classes and database schemas
     410   nearly always involve some form of ambiguity, and so Django would
     411   have to guess at the correct changes to make. The risk that
     412   critical data would be lost by doing so is simply too great, so
     413   Django never attempts to automatically change your tables for you;
     414   instead, you'll need to manually issue the correct ``ALTER TABLE``
     415   statements if you need to change an existing table.
    403417If you're installing the ``django.contrib.auth`` application, ``syncdb`` will
    404418give you the option of creating a superuser immediately.
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