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patch with, utils.text and templates.defaultfilters changes

1Index: utils/
3--- utils/       (revision 5638)
4+++ utils/       (working copy)
5@@ -2,15 +2,19 @@
6 from django.conf import settings
7 from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
8 from django.utils.functional import allow_lazy
9+from django.utils.hyphenate import hyphenate_word
11 # Capitalizes the first letter of a string.
12 capfirst = lambda x: x and force_unicode(x)[0].upper() + force_unicode(x)[1:]
13 capfirst = allow_lazy(capfirst, unicode)
15-def wrap(text, width):
16+def wrap(text, width, hyphenate=False):
17     """
18     A word-wrap function that preserves existing line breaks and most spaces in
19     the text. Expects that existing line breaks are posix newlines.
21+    hyphenate: if True, will insert and break words on a hyphenation.
22+               (default: False)
23     """
24     text = force_unicode(text)
25     def _generator():
26@@ -22,10 +26,29 @@
27             if "\n" in word:
28                 lines = word.split('\n')
29             else:
30-                lines = (word,)
31+                lines = [word,]
32             pos += len(lines[0]) + 1
33             if pos > width:
34-                yield '\n'
35+                eol = '\n'
36+                if hyphenate:
37+                    parts = iter(hyphenate_word(lines[0]))
38+                    first =
39+                    pos -= len(lines[0]) - 1 - len(first)
40+                    if pos <= width:
41+                        yield ' '
42+                        yield first
43+                        hyphen = False
44+                        for part in parts:
45+                            pos += len(part)
46+                            if not hyphen and pos > width:
47+                                yield '-\n'
48+                                hyphen = True
49+                            yield part
50+                        if hyphen:
51+                            eol = ''
52+                        lines[0] = ''
53+                        word = lines[-1]
54+                yield eol
55                 pos = len(lines[-1])
56             else:
57                 yield ' '
58Index: utils/
60--- utils/  (revision 0)
61+++ utils/  (revision 0)
62@@ -0,0 +1,523 @@
63+""" Hyphenation, using Frank Liang's algorithm.
65+    This module provides a single function to hyphenate words.  hyphenate_word takes
66+    a string (the word), and returns a list of parts that can be separated by hyphens.
68+    >>> hyphenate_word("hyphenation")
69+    ['hy', 'phen', 'ation']
70+    >>> hyphenate_word("supercalifragilisticexpialidocious")
71+    ['su', 'per', 'cal', 'ifrag', 'ilis', 'tic', 'ex', 'pi', 'ali', 'do', 'cious']
72+    >>> hyphenate_word("project")
73+    ['project']
75+    Ned Batchelder, July 2007.
76+    This Python code is in the public domain.
79+import re
81+__version__ = '1.0.20070709'
83+class Hyphenator:
84+    def __init__(self, patterns, exceptions=''):
85+        self.tree = {}
86+        for pattern in patterns.split():
87+            self._insert_pattern(pattern)
89+        self.exceptions = {}
90+        for ex in exceptions.split():
91+            # Convert the hyphenated pattern into a point array for use later.
92+            self.exceptions[ex.replace('-', '')] = [0] + [ int(h == '-') for h in re.split(r"[a-z]", ex) ]
94+    def _insert_pattern(self, pattern):
95+        # Convert the a pattern like 'a1bc3d4' into a string of chars 'abcd'
96+        # and a list of points [ 1, 0, 3, 4 ].
97+        chars = re.sub('[0-9]', '', pattern)
98+        points = [ int(d or 0) for d in re.split("[.a-z]", pattern) ]
100+        # Insert the pattern into the tree.  Each character finds a dict
101+        # another level down in the tree, and leaf nodes have the list of
102+        # points.
103+        t = self.tree
104+        for c in chars:
105+            if c not in t:
106+                t[c] = {}
107+            t = t[c]
108+        t[None] = points
110+    def hyphenate_word(self, word):
111+        """ Given a word, returns a list of pieces, broken at the possible
112+            hyphenation points.
113+        """
114+        # Short words aren't hyphenated.
115+        if len(word) <= 4:
116+            return [word]
117+        # If the word is an exception, get the stored points.
118+        if word.lower() in self.exceptions:
119+            points = self.exceptions[word.lower()]
120+        else:
121+            work = '.' + word.lower() + '.'
122+            points = [0] * (len(work)+1)
123+            for i in range(len(work)):
124+                t = self.tree
125+                for c in work[i:]:
126+                    if c in t:
127+                        t = t[c]
128+                        if None in t:
129+                            p = t[None]
130+                            for j in range(len(p)):
131+                                points[i+j] = max(points[i+j], p[j])
132+                    else:
133+                        break
134+            # No hyphens in the first two chars or the last two.
135+            points[1] = points[2] = points[-2] = points[-3] = 0
137+        # Examine the points to build the pieces list.
138+        pieces = ['']
139+        for c, p in zip(word, points[2:]):
140+            pieces[-1] += c
141+            if p % 2:
142+                pieces.append('')
143+        return pieces
145+patterns = (
146+# Knuth and Liang's original hyphenation patterns from classic TeX.
147+# In the public domain.
149+.ach4 .ad4der .af1t .al3t .am5at .an5c .ang4 .ani5m .ant4 .an3te .anti5s .ar5s
150+.ar4tie .ar4ty .as3c .as1p .as1s .aster5 .atom5 .au1d .av4i .awn4 .ba4g .ba5na
151+.bas4e .ber4 .be5ra .be3sm .be5sto .bri2 .but4ti .cam4pe .can5c .capa5b .car5ol
152+.ca4t .ce4la .ch4 .chill5i .ci2 .cit5r .co3e .co4r .cor5ner .de4moi .de3o .de3ra
153+.de3ri .des4c .dictio5 .do4t .du4c .dumb5 .earth5 .eas3i .eb4 .eer4 .eg2 .el5d
154+.el3em .enam3 .en3g .en3s .eq5ui5t .er4ri .es3 .eu3 .eye5 .fes3 .for5mer .ga2
155+.ge2 .gen3t4 .ge5og .gi5a .gi4b .go4r .hand5i .han5k .he2 .hero5i .hes3 .het3
156+.hi3b .hi3er .hon5ey .hon3o .hov5 .id4l .idol3 .im3m .im5pin .in1 .in3ci .ine2
157+.in2k .in3s .ir5r .is4i .ju3r .la4cy .la4m .lat5er .lath5 .le2 .leg5e .len4
158+.lep5 .lev1 .li4g .lig5a .li2n .li3o .li4t .mag5a5 .mal5o .man5a .mar5ti .me2
159+.mer3c .me5ter .mis1 .mist5i .mon3e .mo3ro .mu5ta .muta5b .ni4c .od2 .odd5
160+.of5te .or5ato .or3c .or1d .or3t .os3 .os4tl .oth3 .out3 .ped5al .pe5te .pe5tit
161+.pi4e .pio5n .pi2t .pre3m .ra4c .ran4t .ratio5na .ree2 .re5mit .res2 .re5stat
162+.ri4g .rit5u .ro4q .ros5t .row5d .ru4d .sci3e .self5 .sell5 .se2n .se5rie .sh2
163+.si2 .sing4 .st4 .sta5bl .sy2 .ta4 .te4 .ten5an .th2 .ti2 .til4 .tim5o5 .ting4
164+.tin5k .ton4a .to4p .top5i .tou5s .trib5ut .un1a .un3ce .under5 .un1e .un5k
165+.un5o .un3u .up3 .ure3 .us5a .ven4de .ve5ra .wil5i .ye4 4ab. a5bal a5ban abe2
166+ab5erd abi5a ab5it5ab ab5lat ab5o5liz 4abr ab5rog ab3ul a4car ac5ard ac5aro
167+a5ceou ac1er a5chet 4a2ci a3cie ac1in a3cio ac5rob act5if ac3ul ac4um a2d ad4din
168+ad5er. 2adi a3dia ad3ica adi4er a3dio a3dit a5diu ad4le ad3ow ad5ran ad4su 4adu
169+a3duc ad5um ae4r aeri4e a2f aff4 a4gab aga4n ag5ell age4o 4ageu ag1i 4ag4l ag1n
170+a2go 3agog ag3oni a5guer ag5ul a4gy a3ha a3he ah4l a3ho ai2 a5ia a3ic. ai5ly
171+a4i4n ain5in ain5o ait5en a1j ak1en al5ab al3ad a4lar 4aldi 2ale al3end a4lenti
172+a5le5o al1i al4ia. ali4e al5lev 4allic 4alm a5log. a4ly. 4alys 5a5lyst 5alyt
173+3alyz 4ama am5ab am3ag ama5ra am5asc a4matis a4m5ato am5era am3ic am5if am5ily
174+am1in ami4no a2mo a5mon amor5i amp5en a2n an3age 3analy a3nar an3arc anar4i
175+a3nati 4and ande4s an3dis an1dl an4dow a5nee a3nen an5est. a3neu 2ang ang5ie
176+an1gl a4n1ic a3nies an3i3f an4ime a5nimi a5nine an3io a3nip an3ish an3it a3niu
177+an4kli 5anniz ano4 an5ot anoth5 an2sa an4sco an4sn an2sp ans3po an4st an4sur
178+antal4 an4tie 4anto an2tr an4tw an3ua an3ul a5nur 4ao apar4 ap5at ap5ero a3pher
179+4aphi a4pilla ap5illar ap3in ap3ita a3pitu a2pl apoc5 ap5ola apor5i apos3t
180+aps5es a3pu aque5 2a2r ar3act a5rade ar5adis ar3al a5ramete aran4g ara3p ar4at
181+a5ratio ar5ativ a5rau ar5av4 araw4 arbal4 ar4chan ar5dine ar4dr ar5eas a3ree
182+ar3ent a5ress ar4fi ar4fl ar1i ar5ial ar3ian a3riet ar4im ar5inat ar3io ar2iz
183+ar2mi ar5o5d a5roni a3roo ar2p ar3q arre4 ar4sa ar2sh 4as. as4ab as3ant ashi4
184+a5sia. a3sib a3sic 5a5si4t ask3i as4l a4soc as5ph as4sh as3ten as1tr asur5a a2ta
185+at3abl at5ac at3alo at5ap ate5c at5ech at3ego at3en. at3era ater5n a5terna
186+at3est at5ev 4ath ath5em a5then at4ho ath5om 4ati. a5tia at5i5b at1ic at3if
187+ation5ar at3itu a4tog a2tom at5omiz a4top a4tos a1tr at5rop at4sk at4tag at5te
188+at4th a2tu at5ua at5ue at3ul at3ura a2ty au4b augh3 au3gu au4l2 aun5d au3r
189+au5sib aut5en au1th a2va av3ag a5van ave4no av3era av5ern av5ery av1i avi4er
190+av3ig av5oc a1vor 3away aw3i aw4ly aws4 ax4ic ax4id ay5al aye4 ays4 azi4er azz5i
191+5ba. bad5ger ba4ge bal1a ban5dag ban4e ban3i barbi5 bari4a bas4si 1bat ba4z 2b1b
192+b2be b3ber bbi4na 4b1d 4be. beak4 beat3 4be2d be3da be3de be3di be3gi be5gu 1bel
193+be1li be3lo 4be5m be5nig be5nu 4bes4 be3sp be5str 3bet bet5iz be5tr be3tw be3w
194+be5yo 2bf 4b3h bi2b bi4d 3bie bi5en bi4er 2b3if 1bil bi3liz bina5r4 bin4d bi5net
195+bi3ogr bi5ou bi2t 3bi3tio bi3tr 3bit5ua b5itz b1j bk4 b2l2 blath5 b4le. blen4
196+5blesp b3lis b4lo blun4t 4b1m 4b3n bne5g 3bod bod3i bo4e bol3ic bom4bi bon4a
197+bon5at 3boo 5bor. 4b1ora bor5d 5bore 5bori 5bos4 b5ota both5 bo4to bound3 4bp
198+4brit broth3 2b5s2 bsor4 2bt bt4l b4to b3tr buf4fer bu4ga bu3li bumi4 bu4n
199+bunt4i bu3re bus5ie buss4e 5bust 4buta 3butio b5uto b1v 4b5w 5by. bys4 1ca
200+cab3in ca1bl cach4 ca5den 4cag4 2c5ah ca3lat cal4la call5in 4calo can5d can4e
201+can4ic can5is can3iz can4ty cany4 ca5per car5om cast5er cas5tig 4casy ca4th
202+4cativ cav5al c3c ccha5 cci4a ccompa5 ccon4 ccou3t 2ce. 4ced. 4ceden 3cei 5cel.
203+3cell 1cen 3cenc 2cen4e 4ceni 3cent 3cep ce5ram 4cesa 3cessi ces5si5b ces5t cet4
204+c5e4ta cew4 2ch 4ch. 4ch3ab 5chanic ch5a5nis che2 cheap3 4ched che5lo 3chemi
205+ch5ene ch3er. ch3ers 4ch1in 5chine. ch5iness 5chini 5chio 3chit chi2z 3cho2
206+ch4ti 1ci 3cia ci2a5b cia5r ci5c 4cier 5cific. 4cii ci4la 3cili 2cim 2cin c4ina
207+3cinat cin3em c1ing c5ing. 5cino cion4 4cipe ci3ph 4cipic 4cista 4cisti 2c1it
208+cit3iz 5ciz ck1 ck3i 1c4l4 4clar c5laratio 5clare cle4m 4clic clim4 cly4 c5n 1co
209+co5ag coe2 2cog co4gr coi4 co3inc col5i 5colo col3or com5er con4a c4one con3g
210+con5t co3pa cop3ic co4pl 4corb coro3n cos4e cov1 cove4 cow5a coz5e co5zi c1q
211+cras5t 5crat. 5cratic cre3at 5cred 4c3reta cre4v cri2 cri5f c4rin cris4 5criti
212+cro4pl crop5o cros4e cru4d 4c3s2 2c1t cta4b ct5ang c5tant c2te c3ter c4ticu
213+ctim3i ctu4r c4tw cud5 c4uf c4ui cu5ity 5culi cul4tis 3cultu cu2ma c3ume cu4mi
214+3cun cu3pi cu5py cur5a4b cu5ria 1cus cuss4i 3c4ut cu4tie 4c5utiv 4cutr 1cy cze4
215+1d2a 5da. 2d3a4b dach4 4daf 2dag da2m2 dan3g dard5 dark5 4dary 3dat 4dativ 4dato
216+5dav4 dav5e 5day d1b d5c d1d4 2de. deaf5 deb5it de4bon decan4 de4cil de5com
217+2d1ed 4dee. de5if deli4e del5i5q de5lo d4em 5dem. 3demic dem5ic. de5mil de4mons
218+demor5 1den de4nar de3no denti5f de3nu de1p de3pa depi4 de2pu d3eq d4erh 5derm
219+dern5iz der5s des2 d2es. de1sc de2s5o des3ti de3str de4su de1t de2to de1v dev3il
220+4dey 4d1f d4ga d3ge4t dg1i d2gy d1h2 5di. 1d4i3a dia5b di4cam d4ice 3dict 3did
221+5di3en d1if di3ge di4lato d1in 1dina 3dine. 5dini di5niz 1dio dio5g di4pl dir2
222+di1re dirt5i dis1 5disi d4is3t d2iti 1di1v d1j d5k2 4d5la 3dle. 3dled 3dles.
223+4dless 2d3lo 4d5lu 2dly d1m 4d1n4 1do 3do. do5de 5doe 2d5of d4og do4la doli4
224+do5lor dom5iz do3nat doni4 doo3d dop4p d4or 3dos 4d5out do4v 3dox d1p 1dr
225+drag5on 4drai dre4 drea5r 5dren dri4b dril4 dro4p 4drow 5drupli 4dry 2d1s2 ds4p
226+d4sw d4sy d2th 1du d1u1a du2c d1uca duc5er 4duct. 4ducts du5el du4g d3ule dum4be
227+du4n 4dup du4pe d1v d1w d2y 5dyn dy4se dys5p e1a4b e3act ead1 ead5ie ea4ge
228+ea5ger ea4l eal5er eal3ou eam3er e5and ear3a ear4c ear5es ear4ic ear4il ear5k
229+ear2t eart3e ea5sp e3ass east3 ea2t eat5en eath3i e5atif e4a3tu ea2v eav3en
230+eav5i eav5o 2e1b e4bel. e4bels e4ben e4bit e3br e4cad ecan5c ecca5 e1ce ec5essa
231+ec2i e4cib ec5ificat ec5ifie ec5ify ec3im eci4t e5cite e4clam e4clus e2col
232+e4comm e4compe e4conc e2cor ec3ora eco5ro e1cr e4crem ec4tan ec4te e1cu e4cul
233+ec3ula 2e2da 4ed3d e4d1er ede4s 4edi e3dia ed3ib ed3ica ed3im ed1it edi5z 4edo
234+e4dol edon2 e4dri e4dul ed5ulo ee2c eed3i ee2f eel3i ee4ly ee2m ee4na ee4p1
235+ee2s4 eest4 ee4ty e5ex e1f e4f3ere 1eff e4fic 5efici efil4 e3fine ef5i5nite
236+3efit efor5es e4fuse. 4egal eger4 eg5ib eg4ic eg5ing e5git5 eg5n e4go. e4gos
237+eg1ul e5gur 5egy e1h4 eher4 ei2 e5ic ei5d eig2 ei5gl e3imb e3inf e1ing e5inst
238+eir4d eit3e ei3th e5ity e1j e4jud ej5udi eki4n ek4la e1la e4la. e4lac elan4d
239+el5ativ e4law elaxa4 e3lea el5ebra 5elec e4led el3ega e5len e4l1er e1les el2f
240+el2i e3libe e4l5ic. el3ica e3lier el5igib e5lim e4l3ing e3lio e2lis el5ish
241+e3liv3 4ella el4lab ello4 e5loc el5og el3op. el2sh el4ta e5lud el5ug e4mac e4mag
242+e5man em5ana em5b e1me e2mel e4met em3ica emi4e em5igra em1in2 em5ine em3i3ni
243+e4mis em5ish e5miss em3iz 5emniz emo4g emoni5o em3pi e4mul em5ula emu3n e3my
244+en5amo e4nant ench4er en3dic e5nea e5nee en3em en5ero en5esi en5est en3etr e3new
245+en5ics e5nie e5nil e3nio en3ish en3it e5niu 5eniz 4enn 4eno eno4g e4nos en3ov
246+en4sw ent5age 4enthes en3ua en5uf e3ny. 4en3z e5of eo2g e4oi4 e3ol eop3ar e1or
247+eo3re eo5rol eos4 e4ot eo4to e5out e5ow e2pa e3pai ep5anc e5pel e3pent ep5etitio
248+ephe4 e4pli e1po e4prec ep5reca e4pred ep3reh e3pro e4prob ep4sh ep5ti5b e4put
249+ep5uta e1q equi3l e4q3ui3s er1a era4b 4erand er3ar 4erati. 2erb er4bl er3ch
250+er4che 2ere. e3real ere5co ere3in er5el. er3emo er5ena er5ence 4erene er3ent
251+ere4q er5ess er3est eret4 er1h er1i e1ria4 5erick e3rien eri4er er3ine e1rio
252+4erit er4iu eri4v e4riva er3m4 er4nis 4ernit 5erniz er3no 2ero er5ob e5roc ero4r
253+er1ou er1s er3set ert3er 4ertl er3tw 4eru eru4t 5erwau e1s4a e4sage. e4sages
254+es2c e2sca es5can e3scr es5cu e1s2e e2sec es5ecr es5enc e4sert. e4serts e4serva
255+4esh e3sha esh5en e1si e2sic e2sid es5iden es5igna e2s5im es4i4n esis4te esi4u
256+e5skin es4mi e2sol es3olu e2son es5ona e1sp es3per es5pira es4pre 2ess es4si4b
257+estan4 es3tig es5tim 4es2to e3ston 2estr e5stro estruc5 e2sur es5urr es4w eta4b
258+eten4d e3teo ethod3 et1ic e5tide etin4 eti4no e5tir e5titio et5itiv 4etn et5ona
259+e3tra e3tre et3ric et5rif et3rog et5ros et3ua et5ym et5z 4eu e5un e3up eu3ro
260+eus4 eute4 euti5l eu5tr eva2p5 e2vas ev5ast e5vea ev3ell evel3o e5veng even4i
261+ev1er e5verb e1vi ev3id evi4l e4vin evi4v e5voc e5vu e1wa e4wag e5wee e3wh ewil5
262+ew3ing e3wit 1exp 5eyc 5eye. eys4 1fa fa3bl fab3r fa4ce 4fag fain4 fall5e 4fa4ma
263+fam5is 5far far5th fa3ta fa3the 4fato fault5 4f5b 4fd 4fe. feas4 feath3 fe4b
264+4feca 5fect 2fed fe3li fe4mo fen2d fend5e fer1 5ferr fev4 4f1f f4fes f4fie
265+f5fin. f2f5is f4fly f2fy 4fh 1fi fi3a 2f3ic. 4f3ical f3ican 4ficate f3icen
266+fi3cer fic4i 5ficia 5ficie 4fics fi3cu fi5del fight5 fil5i fill5in 4fily 2fin
267+5fina fin2d5 fi2ne f1in3g fin4n fis4ti f4l2 f5less flin4 flo3re f2ly5 4fm 4fn
268+1fo 5fon fon4de fon4t fo2r fo5rat for5ay fore5t for4i fort5a fos5 4f5p fra4t
269+f5rea fres5c fri2 fril4 frol5 2f3s 2ft f4to f2ty 3fu fu5el 4fug fu4min fu5ne
270+fu3ri fusi4 fus4s 4futa 1fy 1ga gaf4 5gal. 3gali ga3lo 2gam ga5met g5amo gan5is
271+ga3niz gani5za 4gano gar5n4 gass4 gath3 4gativ 4gaz g3b gd4 2ge. 2ged geez4
272+gel4in ge5lis ge5liz 4gely 1gen ge4nat ge5niz 4geno 4geny 1geo ge3om g4ery 5gesi
273+geth5 4geto ge4ty ge4v 4g1g2 g2ge g3ger gglu5 ggo4 gh3in gh5out gh4to 5gi. 1gi4a
274+gia5r g1ic 5gicia g4ico gien5 5gies. gil4 g3imen 3g4in. gin5ge 5g4ins 5gio 3gir
275+gir4l g3isl gi4u 5giv 3giz gl2 gla4 glad5i 5glas 1gle gli4b g3lig 3glo glo3r g1m
276+g4my gn4a g4na. gnet4t g1ni g2nin g4nio g1no g4non 1go 3go. gob5 5goe 3g4o4g
277+go3is gon2 4g3o3na gondo5 go3ni 5goo go5riz gor5ou 5gos. gov1 g3p 1gr 4grada
278+g4rai gran2 5graph. g5rapher 5graphic 4graphy 4gray gre4n 4gress. 4grit g4ro
279+gruf4 gs2 g5ste gth3 gu4a 3guard 2gue 5gui5t 3gun 3gus 4gu4t g3w 1gy 2g5y3n
280+gy5ra h3ab4l hach4 hae4m hae4t h5agu ha3la hala3m ha4m han4ci han4cy 5hand.
281+han4g hang5er hang5o h5a5niz han4k han4te hap3l hap5t ha3ran ha5ras har2d hard3e
282+har4le harp5en har5ter has5s haun4 5haz haz3a h1b 1head 3hear he4can h5ecat h4ed
283+he5do5 he3l4i hel4lis hel4ly h5elo hem4p he2n hena4 hen5at heo5r hep5 h4era
284+hera3p her4ba here5a h3ern h5erou h3ery h1es he2s5p he4t het4ed heu4 h1f h1h
285+hi5an hi4co high5 h4il2 himer4 h4ina hion4e hi4p hir4l hi3ro hir4p hir4r his3el
286+his4s hith5er hi2v 4hk 4h1l4 hlan4 h2lo hlo3ri 4h1m hmet4 2h1n h5odiz h5ods ho4g
287+hoge4 hol5ar 3hol4e ho4ma home3 hon4a ho5ny 3hood hoon4 hor5at ho5ris hort3e
288+ho5ru hos4e ho5sen hos1p 1hous house3 hov5el 4h5p 4hr4 hree5 hro5niz hro3po
289+4h1s2 h4sh h4tar ht1en ht5es h4ty hu4g hu4min hun5ke hun4t hus3t4 hu4t h1w
290+h4wart hy3pe hy3ph hy2s 2i1a i2al iam4 iam5ete i2an 4ianc ian3i 4ian4t ia5pe
291+iass4 i4ativ ia4tric i4atu ibe4 ib3era ib5ert ib5ia ib3in ib5it. ib5ite i1bl
292+ib3li i5bo i1br i2b5ri i5bun 4icam 5icap 4icar i4car. i4cara icas5 i4cay iccu4
293+4iceo 4ich 2ici i5cid ic5ina i2cip ic3ipa i4cly i2c5oc 4i1cr 5icra i4cry ic4te
294+ictu2 ic4t3ua ic3ula ic4um ic5uo i3cur 2id i4dai id5anc id5d ide3al ide4s i2di
295+id5ian idi4ar i5die id3io idi5ou id1it id5iu i3dle i4dom id3ow i4dr i2du id5uo
296+2ie4 ied4e 5ie5ga ield3 ien5a4 ien4e i5enn i3enti i1er. i3esc i1est i3et 4if.
297+if5ero iff5en if4fr 4ific. i3fie i3fl 4ift 2ig iga5b ig3era ight3i 4igi i3gib
298+ig3il ig3in ig3it i4g4l i2go ig3or ig5ot i5gre igu5i ig1ur i3h 4i5i4 i3j 4ik
299+i1la il3a4b i4lade i2l5am ila5ra i3leg il1er ilev4 il5f il1i il3ia il2ib il3io
300+il4ist 2ilit il2iz ill5ab 4iln il3oq il4ty il5ur il3v i4mag im3age ima5ry
301+imenta5r 4imet im1i im5ida imi5le i5mini 4imit im4ni i3mon i2mu im3ula 2in.
302+i4n3au 4inav incel4 in3cer 4ind in5dling 2ine i3nee iner4ar i5ness 4inga 4inge
303+in5gen 4ingi in5gling 4ingo 4ingu 2ini i5ni. i4nia in3io in1is i5nite. 5initio
304+in3ity 4ink 4inl 2inn 2i1no i4no4c ino4s i4not 2ins in3se insur5a 2int. 2in4th
305+in1u i5nus 4iny 2io 4io. ioge4 io2gr i1ol io4m ion3at ion4ery ion3i io5ph ior3i
306+i4os io5th i5oti io4to i4our 2ip ipe4 iphras4 ip3i ip4ic ip4re4 ip3ul i3qua
307+iq5uef iq3uid iq3ui3t 4ir i1ra ira4b i4rac ird5e ire4de i4ref i4rel4 i4res ir5gi
308+ir1i iri5de ir4is iri3tu 5i5r2iz ir4min iro4g 5iron. ir5ul 2is. is5ag is3ar
309+isas5 2is1c is3ch 4ise is3er 3isf is5han is3hon ish5op is3ib isi4d i5sis is5itiv
310+4is4k islan4 4isms i2so iso5mer is1p is2pi is4py 4is1s is4sal issen4 is4ses
311+is4ta. is1te is1ti ist4ly 4istral i2su is5us 4ita. ita4bi i4tag 4ita5m i3tan
312+i3tat 2ite it3era i5teri it4es 2ith i1ti 4itia 4i2tic it3ica 5i5tick it3ig
313+it5ill i2tim 2itio 4itis i4tism i2t5o5m 4iton i4tram it5ry 4itt it3uat i5tud
314+it3ul 4itz. i1u 2iv iv3ell iv3en. i4v3er. i4vers. iv5il. iv5io iv1it i5vore
315+iv3o3ro i4v3ot 4i5w ix4o 4iy 4izar izi4 5izont 5ja jac4q ja4p 1je jer5s 4jestie
316+4jesty jew3 jo4p 5judg 3ka. k3ab k5ag kais4 kal4 k1b k2ed 1kee ke4g ke5li k3en4d
317+k1er kes4 k3est. ke4ty k3f kh4 k1i 5ki. 5k2ic k4ill kilo5 k4im k4in. kin4de
318+k5iness kin4g ki4p kis4 k5ish kk4 k1l 4kley 4kly k1m k5nes 1k2no ko5r kosh4 k3ou
319+kro5n 4k1s2 k4sc ks4l k4sy k5t k1w lab3ic l4abo laci4 l4ade la3dy lag4n lam3o
320+3land lan4dl lan5et lan4te lar4g lar3i las4e la5tan 4lateli 4lativ 4lav la4v4a
321+2l1b lbin4 4l1c2 lce4 l3ci 2ld l2de ld4ere ld4eri ldi4 ld5is l3dr l4dri le2a
322+le4bi left5 5leg. 5legg le4mat lem5atic 4len. 3lenc 5lene. 1lent le3ph le4pr
323+lera5b ler4e 3lerg 3l4eri l4ero les2 le5sco 5lesq 3less 5less. l3eva lev4er.
324+lev4era lev4ers 3ley 4leye 2lf l5fr 4l1g4 l5ga lgar3 l4ges lgo3 2l3h li4ag li2am
325+liar5iz li4as li4ato li5bi 5licio li4cor 4lics 4lict. l4icu l3icy l3ida lid5er
326+3lidi lif3er l4iff li4fl 5ligate 3ligh li4gra 3lik 4l4i4l lim4bl lim3i li4mo
327+l4im4p l4ina 1l4ine lin3ea lin3i link5er li5og 4l4iq lis4p l1it l2it. 5litica
328+l5i5tics liv3er l1iz 4lj lka3 l3kal lka4t l1l l4law l2le l5lea l3lec l3leg l3lel
329+l3le4n l3le4t ll2i l2lin4 l5lina ll4o lloqui5 ll5out l5low 2lm l5met lm3ing
330+l4mod lmon4 2l1n2 3lo. lob5al lo4ci 4lof 3logic l5ogo 3logu lom3er 5long lon4i
331+l3o3niz lood5 5lope. lop3i l3opm lora4 lo4rato lo5rie lor5ou 5los. los5et
332+5losophiz 5losophy los4t lo4ta loun5d 2lout 4lov 2lp lpa5b l3pha l5phi lp5ing
333+l3pit l4pl l5pr 4l1r 2l1s2 l4sc l2se l4sie 4lt lt5ag ltane5 l1te lten4 ltera4
334+lth3i l5ties. ltis4 l1tr ltu2 ltur3a lu5a lu3br luch4 lu3ci lu3en luf4 lu5id
335+lu4ma 5lumi l5umn. 5lumnia lu3o luo3r 4lup luss4 lus3te 1lut l5ven l5vet4 2l1w
336+1ly 4lya 4lyb ly5me ly3no 2lys4 l5yse 1ma 2mab ma2ca ma5chine ma4cl mag5in 5magn
337+2mah maid5 4mald ma3lig ma5lin mal4li mal4ty 5mania man5is man3iz 4map ma5rine.
338+ma5riz mar4ly mar3v ma5sce mas4e mas1t 5mate math3 ma3tis 4matiza 4m1b mba4t5
339+m5bil m4b3ing mbi4v 4m5c 4me. 2med 4med. 5media me3die m5e5dy me2g mel5on mel4t
340+me2m mem1o3 1men men4a men5ac men4de 4mene men4i mens4 mensu5 3ment men4te me5on
341+m5ersa 2mes 3mesti me4ta met3al me1te me5thi m4etr 5metric me5trie me3try me4v
342+4m1f 2mh 5mi. mi3a mid4a mid4g mig4 3milia m5i5lie m4ill min4a 3mind m5inee
343+m4ingl min5gli m5ingly min4t m4inu miot4 m2is mis4er. mis5l mis4ti m5istry 4mith
344+m2iz 4mk 4m1l m1m mma5ry 4m1n mn4a m4nin mn4o 1mo 4mocr 5mocratiz mo2d1 mo4go
345+mois2 moi5se 4mok mo5lest mo3me mon5et mon5ge moni3a mon4ism mon4ist mo3niz
346+monol4 mo3ny. mo2r 4mora. mos2 mo5sey mo3sp moth3 m5ouf 3mous mo2v 4m1p mpara5
347+mpa5rab mpar5i m3pet mphas4 m2pi mpi4a mp5ies m4p1in m5pir mp5is mpo3ri mpos5ite
348+m4pous mpov5 mp4tr m2py 4m3r 4m1s2 m4sh m5si 4mt 1mu mula5r4 5mult multi3 3mum
349+mun2 4mup mu4u 4mw 1na 2n1a2b n4abu 4nac. na4ca n5act nag5er. nak4 na4li na5lia
350+4nalt na5mit n2an nanci4 nan4it nank4 nar3c 4nare nar3i nar4l n5arm n4as nas4c
351+nas5ti n2at na3tal nato5miz n2au nau3se 3naut nav4e 4n1b4 ncar5 n4ces. n3cha
352+n5cheo n5chil n3chis nc1in nc4it ncour5a n1cr n1cu n4dai n5dan n1de nd5est.
353+ndi4b n5d2if n1dit n3diz n5duc ndu4r nd2we 2ne. n3ear ne2b neb3u ne2c 5neck 2ned
354+ne4gat neg5ativ 5nege ne4la nel5iz ne5mi ne4mo 1nen 4nene 3neo ne4po ne2q n1er
355+nera5b n4erar n2ere n4er5i ner4r 1nes 2nes. 4nesp 2nest 4nesw 3netic ne4v n5eve
356+ne4w n3f n4gab n3gel nge4n4e n5gere n3geri ng5ha n3gib ng1in n5git n4gla ngov4
357+ng5sh n1gu n4gum n2gy 4n1h4 nha4 nhab3 nhe4 3n4ia ni3an ni4ap ni3ba ni4bl ni4d
358+ni5di ni4er ni2fi ni5ficat n5igr nik4 n1im ni3miz n1in 5nine. nin4g ni4o 5nis.
359+nis4ta n2it n4ith 3nitio n3itor ni3tr n1j 4nk2 n5kero n3ket nk3in n1kl 4n1l n5m
360+nme4 nmet4 4n1n2 nne4 nni3al nni4v nob4l no3ble n5ocl 4n3o2d 3noe 4nog noge4
361+nois5i no5l4i 5nologis 3nomic n5o5miz no4mo no3my no4n non4ag non5i n5oniz 4nop
362+5nop5o5li nor5ab no4rary 4nosc nos4e nos5t no5ta 1nou 3noun nov3el3 nowl3 n1p4
363+npi4 npre4c n1q n1r nru4 2n1s2 ns5ab nsati4 ns4c n2se n4s3es nsid1 nsig4 n2sl
364+ns3m n4soc ns4pe n5spi nsta5bl n1t nta4b nter3s nt2i n5tib nti4er nti2f n3tine
365+n4t3ing nti4p ntrol5li nt4s ntu3me nu1a nu4d nu5en nuf4fe n3uin 3nu3it n4um
366+nu1me n5umi 3nu4n n3uo nu3tr n1v2 n1w4 nym4 nyp4 4nz n3za 4oa oad3 o5a5les oard3
367+oas4e oast5e oat5i ob3a3b o5bar obe4l o1bi o2bin ob5ing o3br ob3ul o1ce och4
368+o3chet ocif3 o4cil o4clam o4cod oc3rac oc5ratiz ocre3 5ocrit octor5a oc3ula
369+o5cure od5ded od3ic odi3o o2do4 odor3 od5uct. od5ucts o4el o5eng o3er oe4ta o3ev
370+o2fi of5ite ofit4t o2g5a5r og5ativ o4gato o1ge o5gene o5geo o4ger o3gie 1o1gis
371+og3it o4gl o5g2ly 3ogniz o4gro ogu5i 1ogy 2ogyn o1h2 ohab5 oi2 oic3es oi3der
372+oiff4 oig4 oi5let o3ing oint5er o5ism oi5son oist5en oi3ter o5j 2ok o3ken ok5ie
373+o1la o4lan olass4 ol2d old1e ol3er o3lesc o3let ol4fi ol2i o3lia o3lice ol5id.
374+o3li4f o5lil ol3ing o5lio o5lis. ol3ish o5lite o5litio o5liv olli4e ol5ogiz
375+olo4r ol5pl ol2t ol3ub ol3ume ol3un o5lus ol2v o2ly om5ah oma5l om5atiz om2be
376+om4bl o2me om3ena om5erse o4met om5etry o3mia om3ic. om3ica o5mid om1in o5mini
377+5ommend omo4ge o4mon om3pi ompro5 o2n on1a on4ac o3nan on1c 3oncil 2ond on5do
378+o3nen on5est on4gu on1ic o3nio on1is o5niu on3key on4odi on3omy on3s onspi4
379+onspir5a onsu4 onten4 on3t4i ontif5 on5um onva5 oo2 ood5e ood5i oo4k oop3i o3ord
380+oost5 o2pa ope5d op1er 3opera 4operag 2oph o5phan o5pher op3ing o3pit o5pon
381+o4posi o1pr op1u opy5 o1q o1ra o5ra. o4r3ag or5aliz or5ange ore5a o5real or3ei
382+ore5sh or5est. orew4 or4gu 4o5ria or3ica o5ril or1in o1rio or3ity o3riu or2mi
383+orn2e o5rof or3oug or5pe 3orrh or4se ors5en orst4 or3thi or3thy or4ty o5rum o1ry
384+os3al os2c os4ce o3scop 4oscopi o5scr os4i4e os5itiv os3ito os3ity osi4u os4l
385+o2so os4pa os4po os2ta o5stati os5til os5tit o4tan otele4g ot3er. ot5ers o4tes
386+4oth oth5esi oth3i4 ot3ic. ot5ica o3tice o3tif o3tis oto5s ou2 ou3bl ouch5i
387+ou5et ou4l ounc5er oun2d ou5v ov4en over4ne over3s ov4ert o3vis oviti4 o5v4ol
388+ow3der ow3el ow5est ow1i own5i o4wo oy1a 1pa pa4ca pa4ce pac4t p4ad 5pagan
389+p3agat p4ai pain4 p4al pan4a pan3el pan4ty pa3ny pa1p pa4pu para5bl par5age
390+par5di 3pare par5el p4a4ri par4is pa2te pa5ter 5pathic pa5thy pa4tric pav4 3pay
391+4p1b pd4 4pe. 3pe4a pear4l pe2c 2p2ed 3pede 3pedi pedia4 ped4ic p4ee pee4d pek4
392+pe4la peli4e pe4nan p4enc pen4th pe5on p4era. pera5bl p4erag p4eri peri5st
393+per4mal perme5 p4ern per3o per3ti pe5ru per1v pe2t pe5ten pe5tiz 4pf 4pg 4ph.
394+phar5i phe3no ph4er ph4es. ph1ic 5phie ph5ing 5phisti 3phiz ph2l 3phob 3phone
395+5phoni pho4r 4phs ph3t 5phu 1phy pi3a pian4 pi4cie pi4cy p4id p5ida pi3de 5pidi
396+3piec pi3en pi4grap pi3lo pi2n p4in. pind4 p4ino 3pi1o pion4 p3ith pi5tha pi2tu
397+2p3k2 1p2l2 3plan plas5t pli3a pli5er 4plig pli4n ploi4 plu4m plum4b 4p1m 2p3n
398+po4c 5pod. po5em po3et5 5po4g poin2 5point poly5t po4ni po4p 1p4or po4ry 1pos
399+pos1s p4ot po4ta 5poun 4p1p ppa5ra p2pe p4ped p5pel p3pen p3per p3pet ppo5site
400+pr2 pray4e 5preci pre5co pre3em pref5ac pre4la pre3r p3rese 3press pre5ten pre3v
401+5pri4e prin4t3 pri4s pris3o p3roca prof5it pro3l pros3e pro1t 2p1s2 p2se ps4h
402+p4sib 2p1t pt5a4b p2te p2th pti3m ptu4r p4tw pub3 pue4 puf4 pul3c pu4m pu2n
403+pur4r 5pus pu2t 5pute put3er pu3tr put4ted put4tin p3w qu2 qua5v 2que. 3quer
404+3quet 2rab ra3bi rach4e r5acl raf5fi raf4t r2ai ra4lo ram3et r2ami rane5o ran4ge
405+r4ani ra5no rap3er 3raphy rar5c rare4 rar5ef 4raril r2as ration4 rau4t ra5vai
406+rav3el ra5zie r1b r4bab r4bag rbi2 rbi4f r2bin r5bine rb5ing. rb4o r1c r2ce
407+rcen4 r3cha rch4er r4ci4b rc4it rcum3 r4dal rd2i rdi4a rdi4er rdin4 rd3ing 2re.
408+re1al re3an re5arr 5reav re4aw r5ebrat rec5oll rec5ompe re4cre 2r2ed re1de
409+re3dis red5it re4fac re2fe re5fer. re3fi re4fy reg3is re5it re1li re5lu r4en4ta
410+ren4te re1o re5pin re4posi re1pu r1er4 r4eri rero4 re5ru r4es. re4spi ress5ib
411+res2t re5stal re3str re4ter re4ti4z re3tri reu2 re5uti rev2 re4val rev3el
412+r5ev5er. re5vers re5vert re5vil rev5olu re4wh r1f rfu4 r4fy rg2 rg3er r3get
413+r3gic rgi4n rg3ing r5gis r5git r1gl rgo4n r3gu rh4 4rh. 4rhal ri3a ria4b ri4ag
414+r4ib rib3a ric5as r4ice 4rici 5ricid ri4cie r4ico rid5er ri3enc ri3ent ri1er
415+ri5et rig5an 5rigi ril3iz 5riman rim5i 3rimo rim4pe r2ina 5rina. rin4d rin4e
416+rin4g ri1o 5riph riph5e ri2pl rip5lic r4iq r2is r4is. ris4c r3ish ris4p ri3ta3b
417+r5ited. rit5er. rit5ers rit3ic ri2tu rit5ur riv5el riv3et riv3i r3j r3ket rk4le
418+rk4lin r1l rle4 r2led r4lig r4lis rl5ish r3lo4 r1m rma5c r2me r3men rm5ers
419+rm3ing r4ming. r4mio r3mit r4my r4nar r3nel r4ner r5net r3ney r5nic r1nis4 r3nit
420+r3niv rno4 r4nou r3nu rob3l r2oc ro3cr ro4e ro1fe ro5fil rok2 ro5ker 5role.
421+rom5ete rom4i rom4p ron4al ron4e ro5n4is ron4ta 1room 5root ro3pel rop3ic ror3i
422+ro5ro ros5per ros4s ro4the ro4ty ro4va rov5el rox5 r1p r4pea r5pent rp5er. r3pet
423+rp4h4 rp3ing r3po r1r4 rre4c rre4f r4reo rre4st rri4o rri4v rron4 rros4 rrys4
424+4rs2 r1sa rsa5ti rs4c r2se r3sec rse4cr rs5er. rs3es rse5v2 r1sh r5sha r1si
425+r4si4b rson3 r1sp r5sw rtach4 r4tag r3teb rten4d rte5o r1ti rt5ib rti4d r4tier
426+r3tig rtil3i rtil4l r4tily r4tist r4tiv r3tri rtroph4 rt4sh ru3a ru3e4l ru3en
427+ru4gl ru3in rum3pl ru2n runk5 run4ty r5usc ruti5n rv4e rvel4i r3ven rv5er.
428+r5vest r3vey r3vic rvi4v r3vo r1w ry4c 5rynge ry3t sa2 2s1ab 5sack sac3ri s3act
429+5sai salar4 sal4m sa5lo sal4t 3sanc san4de s1ap sa5ta 5sa3tio sat3u sau4 sa5vor
430+5saw 4s5b scan4t5 sca4p scav5 s4ced 4scei s4ces sch2 s4cho 3s4cie 5scin4d scle5
431+s4cli scof4 4scopy scour5a s1cu 4s5d 4se. se4a seas4 sea5w se2c3o 3sect 4s4ed
432+se4d4e s5edl se2g seg3r 5sei se1le 5self 5selv 4seme se4mol sen5at 4senc sen4d
433+s5ened sen5g s5enin 4sentd 4sentl sep3a3 4s1er. s4erl ser4o 4servo s1e4s se5sh
434+ses5t 5se5um 5sev sev3en sew4i 5sex 4s3f 2s3g s2h 2sh. sh1er 5shev sh1in sh3io
435+3ship shiv5 sho4 sh5old shon3 shor4 short5 4shw si1b s5icc 3side. 5sides 5sidi
436+si5diz 4signa sil4e 4sily 2s1in s2ina 5sine. s3ing 1sio 5sion sion5a si2r sir5a
437+1sis 3sitio 5siu 1siv 5siz sk2 4ske s3ket sk5ine sk5ing s1l2 s3lat s2le slith5
438+2s1m s3ma small3 sman3 smel4 s5men 5smith smol5d4 s1n4 1so so4ce soft3 so4lab
439+sol3d2 so3lic 5solv 3som 3s4on. sona4 son4g s4op 5sophic s5ophiz s5ophy sor5c
440+sor5d 4sov so5vi 2spa 5spai spa4n spen4d 2s5peo 2sper s2phe 3spher spho5 spil4
441+sp5ing 4spio s4ply s4pon spor4 4spot squal4l s1r 2ss s1sa ssas3 s2s5c s3sel
442+s5seng s4ses. s5set s1si s4sie ssi4er ss5ily s4sl ss4li s4sn sspend4 ss2t ssur5a
443+ss5w 2st. s2tag s2tal stam4i 5stand s4ta4p 5stat. s4ted stern5i s5tero ste2w
444+stew5a s3the st2i s4ti. s5tia s1tic 5stick s4tie s3tif st3ing 5stir s1tle 5stock
445+stom3a 5stone s4top 3store st4r s4trad 5stratu s4tray s4trid 4stry 4st3w s2ty
446+1su su1al su4b3 su2g3 su5is suit3 s4ul su2m sum3i su2n su2r 4sv sw2 4swo s4y
447+4syc 3syl syn5o sy5rin 1ta 3ta. 2tab ta5bles 5taboliz 4taci ta5do 4taf4 tai5lo
448+ta2l ta5la tal5en tal3i 4talk tal4lis ta5log ta5mo tan4de tanta3 ta5per ta5pl
449+tar4a 4tarc 4tare ta3riz tas4e ta5sy 4tatic ta4tur taun4 tav4 2taw tax4is 2t1b
450+4tc t4ch tch5et 4t1d 4te. tead4i 4teat tece4 5tect 2t1ed te5di 1tee teg4 te5ger
451+te5gi 3tel. teli4 5tels te2ma2 tem3at 3tenan 3tenc 3tend 4tenes 1tent ten4tag
452+1teo te4p te5pe ter3c 5ter3d 1teri ter5ies ter3is teri5za 5ternit ter5v 4tes.
453+4tess t3ess. teth5e 3teu 3tex 4tey 2t1f 4t1g 2th. than4 th2e 4thea th3eas the5at
454+the3is 3thet th5ic. th5ica 4thil 5think 4thl th5ode 5thodic 4thoo thor5it
455+tho5riz 2ths 1tia ti4ab ti4ato 2ti2b 4tick t4ico t4ic1u 5tidi 3tien tif2 ti5fy
456+2tig 5tigu till5in 1tim 4timp tim5ul 2t1in t2ina 3tine. 3tini 1tio ti5oc tion5ee
457+5tiq ti3sa 3tise tis4m ti5so tis4p 5tistica ti3tl ti4u 1tiv tiv4a 1tiz ti3za
458+ti3zen 2tl t5la tlan4 3tle. 3tled 3tles. t5let. t5lo 4t1m tme4 2t1n2 1to to3b
459+to5crat 4todo 2tof to2gr to5ic to2ma tom4b to3my ton4ali to3nat 4tono 4tony
460+to2ra to3rie tor5iz tos2 5tour 4tout to3war 4t1p 1tra tra3b tra5ch traci4
461+trac4it trac4te tras4 tra5ven trav5es5 tre5f tre4m trem5i 5tria tri5ces 5tricia
462+4trics 2trim tri4v tro5mi tron5i 4trony tro5phe tro3sp tro3v tru5i trus4 4t1s2
463+t4sc tsh4 t4sw 4t3t2 t4tes t5to ttu4 1tu tu1a tu3ar tu4bi tud2 4tue 4tuf4 5tu3i
464+3tum tu4nis 2t3up. 3ture 5turi tur3is tur5o tu5ry 3tus 4tv tw4 4t1wa twis4 4two
465+1ty 4tya 2tyl type3 ty5ph 4tz tz4e 4uab uac4 ua5na uan4i uar5ant uar2d uar3i
466+uar3t u1at uav4 ub4e u4bel u3ber u4bero u1b4i u4b5ing u3ble. u3ca uci4b uc4it
467+ucle3 u3cr u3cu u4cy ud5d ud3er ud5est udev4 u1dic ud3ied ud3ies ud5is u5dit
468+u4don ud4si u4du u4ene uens4 uen4te uer4il 3ufa u3fl ugh3en ug5in 2ui2 uil5iz
469+ui4n u1ing uir4m uita4 uiv3 uiv4er. u5j 4uk u1la ula5b u5lati ulch4 5ulche
470+ul3der ul4e u1len ul4gi ul2i u5lia ul3ing ul5ish ul4lar ul4li4b ul4lis 4ul3m
471+u1l4o 4uls uls5es ul1ti ultra3 4ultu u3lu ul5ul ul5v um5ab um4bi um4bly u1mi
472+u4m3ing umor5o um2p unat4 u2ne un4er u1ni un4im u2nin un5ish uni3v un3s4 un4sw
473+unt3ab un4ter. un4tes unu4 un5y un5z u4ors u5os u1ou u1pe uper5s u5pia up3ing
474+u3pl up3p upport5 upt5ib uptu4 u1ra 4ura. u4rag u4ras ur4be urc4 ur1d ure5at
475+ur4fer ur4fr u3rif uri4fic ur1in u3rio u1rit ur3iz ur2l url5ing. ur4no uros4
476+ur4pe ur4pi urs5er ur5tes ur3the urti4 ur4tie u3ru 2us u5sad u5san us4ap usc2
477+us3ci use5a u5sia u3sic us4lin us1p us5sl us5tere us1tr u2su usur4 uta4b u3tat
478+4ute. 4utel 4uten uten4i 4u1t2i uti5liz u3tine ut3ing ution5a u4tis 5u5tiz u4t1l
479+ut5of uto5g uto5matic u5ton u4tou uts4 u3u uu4m u1v2 uxu3 uz4e 1va 5va. 2v1a4b
480+vac5il vac3u vag4 va4ge va5lie val5o val1u va5mo va5niz va5pi var5ied 3vat 4ve.
481+4ved veg3 v3el. vel3li ve4lo v4ely ven3om v5enue v4erd 5vere. v4erel v3eren
482+ver5enc v4eres ver3ie vermi4n 3verse ver3th v4e2s 4ves. ves4te ve4te vet3er
483+ve4ty vi5ali 5vian 5vide. 5vided 4v3iden 5vides 5vidi v3if vi5gn vik4 2vil
484+5vilit v3i3liz v1in 4vi4na v2inc vin5d 4ving vio3l v3io4r vi1ou vi4p vi5ro
485+vis3it vi3so vi3su 4viti vit3r 4vity 3viv 5vo. voi4 3vok vo4la v5ole 5volt 3volv
486+vom5i vor5ab vori4 vo4ry vo4ta 4votee 4vv4 v4y w5abl 2wac wa5ger wag5o wait5
487+w5al. wam4 war4t was4t wa1te wa5ver w1b wea5rie weath3 wed4n weet3 wee5v wel4l
488+w1er west3 w3ev whi4 wi2 wil2 will5in win4de win4g wir4 3wise with3 wiz5 w4k
489+wl4es wl3in w4no 1wo2 wom1 wo5ven w5p wra4 wri4 writa4 w3sh ws4l ws4pe w5s4t 4wt
490+wy4 x1a xac5e x4ago xam3 x4ap xas5 x3c2 x1e xe4cuto x2ed xer4i xe5ro x1h xhi2
491+xhil5 xhu4 x3i xi5a xi5c xi5di x4ime xi5miz x3o x4ob x3p xpan4d xpecto5 xpe3d
492+x1t2 x3ti x1u xu3a xx4 y5ac 3yar4 y5at y1b y1c y2ce yc5er y3ch ych4e ycom4 ycot4
493+y1d y5ee y1er y4erf yes4 ye4t y5gi 4y3h y1i y3la ylla5bl y3lo y5lu ymbol5 yme4
494+ympa3 yn3chr yn5d yn5g yn5ic 5ynx y1o4 yo5d y4o5g yom4 yo5net y4ons y4os y4ped
495+yper5 yp3i y3po y4poc yp2ta y5pu yra5m yr5ia y3ro yr4r ys4c y3s2e ys3ica ys3io
496+3ysis y4so yss4 ys1t ys3ta ysur4 y3thin yt3ic y1w za1 z5a2b zar2 4zb 2ze ze4n
497+ze4p z1er ze3ro zet4 2z1i z4il z4is 5zl 4zm 1zo zo4m zo5ol zte4 4z1z2 z4zy
499+# Extra patterns, from ushyphmax.tex, dated 2005-05-30.
500+# Copyright (C) 1990, 2004, 2005 Gerard D.C. Kuiken.
501+# Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
502+# are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
503+# notice and this notice are preserved.
505+# These patterns are based on the Hyphenation Exception Log
506+# published in TUGboat, Volume 10 (1989), No. 3, pp. 337-341,
507+# and a large number of incorrectly hyphenated words not yet published.
509+.con5gr .de5riva .dri5v4 .eth1y6l1 .eu4ler .ev2 .ever5si5b .ga4s1om1 .ge4ome
510+.ge5ot1 .he3mo1 .he3p6a .he3roe .in5u2t .kil2n3i .ko6r1te1 .le6ices .me4ga1l
511+.met4ala .mim5i2c1 .mi1s4ers .ne6o3f .noe1th .non1e2m .poly1s .post1am .pre1am
512+.rav5en1o .semi5 .sem4ic .semid6 .semip4 .semir4 .sem6is4 .semiv4 .sph6in1
513+.spin1o .ta5pes1tr .te3legr .to6pog .to2q .un3at5t .un5err5 .vi2c3ar .we2b1l
514+.re1e4c a5bolic a2cabl af6fish am1en3ta5b anal6ys ano5a2c ans5gr ans3v anti1d
515+an3ti1n2 anti1re a4pe5able ar3che5t ar2range as5ymptot ath3er1o1s at6tes.
516+augh4tl au5li5f av3iou back2er. ba6r1onie ba1thy bbi4t be2vie bi5d2if bil2lab
517+bio5m bi1orb bio1rh b1i3tive blan2d1 blin2d1 blon2d2 bor1no5 bo2t1u1l brus4q
518+bus6i2er bus6i2es buss4ing but2ed. but4ted cad5e1m cat1a1s2 4chs. chs3hu chie5vo
519+cig3a3r cin2q cle4ar co6ph1o3n cous2ti cri3tie croc1o1d cro5e2co c2tro3me6c
520+1cu2r1ance 2d3alone data1b dd5a5b d2d5ib de4als. de5clar1 de2c5lina de3fin3iti
521+de2mos des3ic de2tic dic1aid dif5fra 3di1methy di2ren di2rer 2d1lead 2d1li2e
522+3do5word dren1a5l drif2t1a d1ri3pleg5 drom3e5d d3tab du2al. du1op1o1l ea4n3ies
523+e3chas edg1l ed1uling eli2t1is e1loa en1dix eo3grap 1e6p3i3neph1 e2r3i4an.
524+e3spac6i eth1y6l1ene 5eu2clid1 feb1rua fermi1o 3fich fit5ted. fla1g6el flow2er.
525+3fluor gen2cy. ge3o1d ght1we g1lead get2ic. 4g1lish 5glo5bin 1g2nac gnet1ism
526+gno5mo g2n1or. g2noresp 2g1o4n3i1za graph5er. griev1 g1utan hair1s ha2p3ar5r
527+hatch1 hex2a3 hite3sid h3i5pel1a4 hnau3z ho6r1ic. h2t1eou hypo1tha id4ios
528+ifac1et ign4it ignit1er i4jk im3ped3a infra1s2 i5nitely. irre6v3oc i1tesima
529+ith5i2l itin5er5ar janu3a japan1e2s je1re1m 1ke6ling 1ki5netic 1kovian k3sha
530+la4c3i5e lai6n3ess lar5ce1n l3chai l3chil6d1 lead6er. lea4s1a 1lec3ta6b
531+le3g6en2dre 1le1noid lith1o5g ll1fl l2l3ish l5mo3nell lo1bot1o1 lo2ges. load4ed.
532+load6er. l3tea lth5i2ly lue1p 1lunk3er 1lum5bia. 3lyg1a1mi ly5styr ma1la1p m2an.
533+man3u1sc mar1gin1 medi2c med3i3cin medio6c1 me3gran3 m2en. 3mi3da5b 3milita
534+mil2l1ag mil5li5li mi6n3is. mi1n2ut1er mi1n2ut1est m3ma1b 5maph1ro1 5moc1ra1t
535+mo5e2las mol1e5c mon4ey1l mono3ch mo4no1en moro6n5is mono1s6 moth4et2 m1ou3sin
536+m5shack2 mu2dro mul2ti5u n3ar4chs. n3ch2es1t ne3back 2ne1ski n1dieck nd3thr
537+nfi6n3ites 4n5i4an. nge5nes ng1ho ng1spr nk3rup n5less 5noc3er1os nom1a6l
538+nom5e1no n1o1mist non1eq non1i4so 5nop1oly. no1vemb ns5ceiv ns4moo ntre1p
539+obli2g1 o3chas odel3li odit1ic oerst2 oke1st o3les3ter oli3gop1o1 o1lo3n4om
540+o3mecha6 onom1ic o3norma o3no2t1o3n o3nou op1ism. or4tho3ni4t orth1ri or5tively
541+o4s3pher o5test1er o5tes3tor oth3e1o1s ou3ba3do o6v3i4an. oxi6d1ic pal6mat
542+parag6ra4 par4a1le param4 para3me pee2v1 phi2l3ant phi5lat1e3l pi2c1a3d pli2c1ab
543+pli5nar poin3ca 1pole. poly1e po3lyph1ono 1prema3c pre1neu pres2pli pro2cess
544+proc3i3ty. pro2g1e 3pseu2d pseu3d6o3d2 pseu3d6o3f2 pto3mat4 p5trol3 pu5bes5c
545+quain2t1e qu6a3si3 quasir6 quasis6 quin5tes5s qui3v4ar r1abolic 3rab1o1loi
546+ra3chu r3a3dig radi1o6g r2amen 3ra4m5e1triz ra3mou ra5n2has ra1or r3bin1ge
547+re2c3i1pr rec5t6ang re4t1ribu r3ial. riv1o1l 6rk. rk1ho r1krau 6rks. r5le5qu
548+ro1bot1 ro5e2las ro5epide1 ro3mesh ro1tron r3pau5li rse1rad1i r1thou r1treu
549+r1veil rz1sc sales3c sales5w 5sa3par5il sca6p1er sca2t1ol s4chitz schro1ding1
550+1sci2utt scrap4er. scy4th1 sem1a1ph se3mes1t se1mi6t5ic sep3temb shoe1st sid2ed.
551+side5st side5sw si5resid sky1sc 3slova1kia 3s2og1a1my so2lute 3s2pace 1s2pacin
552+spe3cio spher1o spi2c1il spokes5w sports3c sports3w s3qui3to s2s1a3chu1 ss3hat
553+s2s3i4an. s5sign5a3b 1s2tamp s2t1ant5shi star3tli sta1ti st5b 1stor1ab strat1a1g
554+strib5ut st5scr stu1pi4d1 styl1is su2per1e6 1sync 1syth3i2 swimm6 5tab1o1lism
555+ta3gon. talk1a5 t1a1min t6ap6ath 5tar2rh tch1c tch3i1er t1cr teach4er. tele2g
556+tele1r6o 3ter1gei ter2ic. t3ess2es tha4l1am tho3don th1o5gen1i tho1k2er thy4l1an
557+thy3sc 2t3i4an. ti2n3o1m t1li2er tolo2gy tot3ic trai3tor1 tra1vers travers3a3b
558+treach1e tr4ial. 3tro1le1um trof4ic. tro3fit tro1p2is 3trop1o5les 3trop1o5lis
559+t1ro1pol3it tsch3ie ttrib1ut1 turn3ar t1wh ty2p5al ua3drati uad1ratu u5do3ny
560+uea1m u2r1al. uri4al. us2er. v1ativ v1oir5du1 va6guer vaude3v 1verely. v1er1eig
561+ves1tite vi1vip3a3r voice1p waste3w6a2 wave1g4 w3c week1n wide5sp wo4k1en
562+wrap3aro writ6er. x1q xquis3 y5che3d ym5e5try y1stro yes5ter1y z3ian. z3o1phr
566+exceptions = """
567+as-so-ciate as-so-ciates dec-li-na-tion oblig-a-tory phil-an-thropic present
568+presents project projects reci-procity re-cog-ni-zance ref-or-ma-tion
569+ret-ri-bu-tion ta-ble
572+hyphenator = Hyphenator(patterns, exceptions)
573+hyphenate_word = hyphenator.hyphenate_word
575+del patterns
576+del exceptions
578+if __name__ == '__main__':
579+    import sys
580+    if len(sys.argv) > 1:
581+        for word in sys.argv[1:]:
582+            print '-'.join(hyphenate_word(word))
583+    else:
584+        import doctest
585+        doctest.testmod(verbose=True)
587Property changes on: utils\
589Name: svn:keywords
590   + Id HeadURL LastChangedRevision
591Name: svn:eol-style
592   + native
594Index: template/
596--- template/  (revision 5638)
597+++ template/  (working copy)
598@@ -215,6 +215,17 @@
599     return wrap(value, int(arg))
600 wordwrap = stringfilter(wordwrap)
602+def hyphenatedwordwrap(value, arg):
603+    """
604+    Wraps words at a specific line length and will auto hyphenate and break
605+    words using Frank Liang's algorithm.
607+    Argument: number of characters to wrap the text at.
608+    """
609+    from django.utils.text import wrap
610+    return wrap(value, int(arg), True)
611+hyphenatedwordwrap = stringfilter(hyphenatedwordwrap)
613 def ljust(value, arg):
614     """
615     Left-aligns the value in a field of a given width
616@@ -576,6 +587,7 @@
617 register.filter(fix_ampersands)
618 register.filter(floatformat)
619 register.filter(get_digit)
621 register.filter(iriencode)
622 register.filter(join)
623 register.filter(length)