Ticket #4722: modpython.patch

File modpython.patch, 888 bytes (added by Collin Grady <cgrady@…>, 15 years ago)
  • docs/modpython.txt

    5050whereas ``<Location>`` points at places in the URL structure of a Web site.
    5151``<Directory>`` would be meaningless here.
    53 Also, if you've manually altered your ``PYTHONPATH`` to put your Django project
    54 on it, you'll need to tell mod_python:
     53Also, if your Django project is not on the default ``PYTHONPATH``, you'll have
     54to tell mod_python where it is:
    5656.. parsed-literal::
    6060        PythonHandler django.core.handlers.modpython
    6161        SetEnv DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE mysite.settings
    6262        PythonDebug On
    63         **PythonPath "['/path/to/project'] + sys.path"**
     63        **PythonPath "['/path/to/project/parent/dir'] + sys.path"**
    6464    </Location>
    6666.. caution::
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