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  • docs/apache_auth.txt

    2929        PythonAuthenHandler django.contrib.auth.handlers.modpython
    3030    </Location>
     32Note: If you're using Apache 2.2 or later, you'll also need to insert directives
     33to prevent Apache from using other available auth modules. The full list of
     34such modules is:
     36    AuthBasicAuthoritative
     37    AuthDefaultAuthoritative
     38    AuthzLDAPAuthoritative
     39    AuthzDBMAuthoritative
     40    AuthzDefaultAuthoritative
     41    AuthzGroupFileAuthoritative
     42    AuthzOwnerAuthoritative
     43    AuthzUserAuthoritative
     45To tell Apache not to use a particular module, add a line for each of your   
     46installed auth modules to your Apache configuration, like this:
     48    AuthBasicAuthoritative Off
    3250By default, the authentication handler will limit access to the ``/example/``
    3351location to users marked as staff members.  You can use a set of
    3452``PythonOption`` directives to modify this behavior:
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