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Tutorial patch explaining how to fix permissions issue

  • tutorial01.txt

    4141code, then run the command ``django-admin.py startproject mysite``. This
    4242will create a ``mysite`` directory in your current directory.
     44.. admonition:: Max OS X permissions
     46   If you're using Mac OS X, you may see the message "permission
     47   denied" when you try to run ``django-admin.py startproject``. This
     48   is because, on Unix-based systems like OS X, a file must be marked
     49   as "exceutable" before it can be run as a program. To do this, open
     50   Terminal.app and navigate (using the `cd` command) to the directory
     51   where ``django-admin.py`` is installed, then run the command
     52   ``chmod +x django-admin.py``.
    4454.. note::
    4656    You'll need to avoid naming projects after built-in Python or Django
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