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  • docs/django-admin.txt

    106106By default, the database will be dumped in JSON format. If you want the output
    107107to be in another format, use the ``--format`` option (e.g., ``format=xml``).
    108108You may specify any Django serialization backend (including any user specified
    109 serialization backends named in the ``SERIALIZATION_MODULES`` setting).
     109serialization backends named in the ``SERIALIZATION_MODULES`` setting). The
     110``--indent`` option can be used to pretty-print the output.
    111112If no application name is provided, all installed applications will be dumped.
    217218supports row-level constraints, these constraints will be checked at the
    218219end of the transaction.
     221The ``dumpdata`` command can be used to generate input for ``loaddata``.
    220223.. admonition:: MySQL and Fixtures
    222225    Unfortunately, MySQL isn't capable of completely supporting all the
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