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    195195ticket has or needs in order to be "ready for checkin":
    197197    "Has patch"
    198         The means the ticket has an associated patch_. These will be
     198        This means the ticket has an associated patch_. These will be
    199199        reviewed to see if the patch is "good".
    201201    "Needs documentation"
    212212        ready for checkin. This could mean the patch no longer applies
    213213        cleanly, or that the code doesn't live up to our standards.
     215A ticket can be resolved in a number of ways:
     217    "fixed"
     218        This state is used by one of the core developers once a patch has been rolled
     219        into Django, and the issue is fixed.
     221    "invalid"
     222        This state is used if the ticket is found to be incorrect, or a user error.
     224    "wontfix"
     225        Used when a core developer decides that this request is not appropriate for
     226        consideration in Django. This is usually chosen after discussion in the
     227        ``django-developers`` mailing list, and you should feel free to join in when
     228        it's something you care about.
     230    "duplicate"
     231        This is used when, rather obviously, there's a duplicate ticket about the same
     232        issue. By closing the extra tickets, we can keep all the discussion in one place
     233        which helps everyone.
     235    "worksforme"
     236        This state is similar to ``invalid``, but is generally used to show that the
     237        triage team was unable to replicate the original bug.
     239If you believe that the ticket was closed in error, either because you're still having the
     240issue, or it's popped up somewhere else, or the triagers have made a mistake, please reopen
     241the ticket and tell us why.
    215243.. _required details: `Reporting bugs`_
    216244.. _good patch: `Patch style`_
    217245.. _patch: `Submitting patches`_
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