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Testing documentation with correct URL for django_admin.

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    393393        def setUp(self):
    394394            # test definitions as before
    396 At the start of each test vase, before ``setUp()`` is run, Django will
     396At the start of each test case, before ``setUp()`` is run, Django will
    397397flush the database, returning the database the state it was in directly
    398398after ``syncdb`` was called. Then, all the named fixtures are installed.
    399399In this example, any JSON fixture called ``mammals``, and any fixture
    400400named ``birds`` will be installed. See the documentation on
    401401`loading fixtures`_ for more details on defining and installing fixtures.
    403 .. _`loading fixtures`: ../django-admin/#loaddata-fixture-fixture
     403.. _`loading fixtures`: ../django_admin/#loaddata-fixture-fixture
    405405This flush/load procedure is repeated for each test in the test case, so you
    406406can be certain that the outcome of a test will not be affected by
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