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  • docs/faq.txt

    329329Although we recommend mod_python for production use, you don't have to use it,
    330330thanks to the fact that Django uses an arrangement called WSGI_. Django can
    331 talk to any WSGI-enabled server. The most common non-mod_python deployment
    332 setup is FastCGI. See `How to use Django with FastCGI`_ for full information.
     331talk to any WSGI-enabled server. Other common non-mod_python deployment
     332setups are FastCGI, SCGI, or AJP. See `How to use Django with FastCGI`_ for
     333full information.
    334335Also, see the `server arrangements wiki page`_ for other deployment strategies.
  • docs/fastcgi.txt

    55Although the `current preferred setup`_ for running Django is Apache_ with
    6 `mod_python`_, many people use shared hosting, on which FastCGI is the only
    7 viable option. In some setups, FastCGI also allows better security -- and,
    8 possibly, better performance -- than mod_python.
     6`mod_python`_, many people use shared hosting, on which protocols such as
     7FastCGI, SCGI, or AJP are the only viable options. In some setups, these protocols
     8also allow better security -- and, possibly, better performance -- than mod_python.
     10.. admonition:: Note
     12    This document discusses FastCGI, but any flup-supported protocol can be
     13    selected by using the `protocol=`<protocol_name> option with
     14    `./manage.py runfcgi` where <protocol-name> may currently be one of:
     15    `fcgi` (the default), `scgi`, or `ajp`.   
    1017Essentially, FastCGI is an efficient way of letting an external application
    1118serve pages to a Web server. The Web server delegates the incoming Web requests
    1219(via a socket) to FastCGI, which executes the code and passes the response back
  • docs/modpython.txt

    1313Django requires Apache 2.x and mod_python 3.x, and you should use Apache's
    1414`prefork MPM`_, as opposed to the `worker MPM`_.
    16 You may also be interested in `How to use Django with FastCGI`_.
     16You may also be interested in `How to use Django with FastCGI`_ (which also
     17covers SCGI and AJP).
    1819.. _Apache: http://httpd.apache.org/
    1920.. _mod_python: http://www.modpython.org/
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