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    index 84f0782..9e5d56f 100644
    a b password resets. You must then provide some key implementation details: 
    574574        model instances during the :djadmin:`createsuperuser` prompt, expect the
    575575        user to enter the value of :attr:`~django.db.models.ForeignKey.to_field`
    576576        value (the :attr:`~django.db.models.Field.primary_key` by default) of an
    577         existing instance.
     577        existing instance. In order to allow `clean()` to work with a foreign
     578        key, you must prevent :meth:`~AbstractBaseUser.normalize_username` from
     579        converting your foreign key to a string, e.g. by overwriting this
     580        method.
    579582    .. attribute:: EMAIL_FIELD
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