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attaching patch (from trunk) for a suggested resolution. Includes update to documentation

  • django/db/models/fields/generic.py

    252252        self.filter_interface = None
    253253        self.limit_choices_to = limit_choices_to or {}
    254254        self.edit_inline = False
    255         self.raw_id_admin = False
     255        self.raw_id_admin = True
    256256        self.symmetrical = symmetrical
    257257        self.multiple = True
    258258        assert not (self.raw_id_admin and self.filter_interface), \
  • docs/model-api.txt

    767767    ``num_in_admin``         The default number of inline objects to display
    768768                             on the object page at the add stage.
    770     ``raw_id_admin``         Only display a field for the integer to be entered
    771                              instead of a drop-down menu. This is useful when
    772                              related to an object type that will have too many
    773                              rows to make a select box practical.
     770    ``raw_id_admin``         When set to False, display a drop-down menu instead
     771                             of an integer only field. This is useful when
     772                             related to an object type that has few enough rows
     773                             to make a select box practical. When ``raw_id_admin``
     774                             is to False, any use of an to save will cause that
     775                             AddManipulator to load all the potential relations
     776                             to this object.
    775778                             Not used with ``edit_inline``.
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