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1diff --git a/docs/intro/tutorial01.txt b/docs/intro/tutorial01.txt
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3--- a/docs/intro/tutorial01.txt
4+++ b/docs/intro/tutorial01.txt
5@@ -220,8 +220,8 @@ your database connection settings.
6   SQLite).
8 * :setting:`HOST` -- The host your database is on. Leave this as
9-  an empty string if your database server is on the same physical
10-  machine (not used for SQLite).
11+  an empty string (or possibly ````) if your database server is on the
12+  same physical machine (not used for SQLite). See :setting:`HOST` for details.
14 If you're new to databases, we recommend simply using SQLite by setting
15 :setting:`ENGINE` to ``'django.db.backends.sqlite3'`` and :setting:`NAME` to
16diff --git a/docs/ref/databases.txt b/docs/ref/databases.txt
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18--- a/docs/ref/databases.txt
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20@@ -34,13 +34,9 @@ aggregate with a database backend that falls within the affected release range.
21 .. _Release 8.2.5:
23 PostgreSQL connection settings
26-By default (empty :setting:`HOST`), the connection to the database is done
27-through UNIX domain sockets ('local' lines in pg_hba.conf). If you want to
28-connect through TCP sockets, set :setting:`HOST` to 'localhost' or ''
29-('host' lines in pg_hba.conf). On Windows, you should always define
30-:setting:`HOST`, as UNIX domain sockets are not available.
32+See :setting:`HOST` for details.
34 Optimizing PostgreSQL's configuration
35 -------------------------------------
36diff --git a/docs/ref/settings.txt b/docs/ref/settings.txt
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38--- a/docs/ref/settings.txt
39+++ b/docs/ref/settings.txt
40@@ -431,10 +431,12 @@ MySQL will connect via a Unix socket to the specified socket. For example::
41 If you're using MySQL and this value *doesn't* start with a forward slash, then
42 this value is assumed to be the host.
44-If you're using PostgreSQL, an empty string means to use a Unix domain socket
45-for the connection, rather than a network connection to localhost. If you
46-explicitly need to use a TCP/IP connection on the local machine with
47-PostgreSQL, specify ``localhost`` here.
48+If you're using PostgreSQL, by default (empty :setting:`HOST`), the connection
49+to the database is done through UNIX domain sockets ('local' lines in
50+``pg_hba.conf``). If you want to connect through TCP sockets, set
51+:setting:`HOST` to 'localhost' or '' ('host' lines in ``pg_hba.conf``).
52+On Windows, you should always define :setting:`HOST`, as UNIX domain sockets
53+are not available.
55 .. setting:: NAME