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  • docs/intro/tutorial01.txt

    diff --git a/docs/intro/tutorial01.txt b/docs/intro/tutorial01.txt
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    a b your database connection settings. 
    220220  SQLite).
    222222* :setting:`HOST` -- The host your database is on. Leave this as
    223   an empty string if your database server is on the same physical
    224   machine (not used for SQLite).
     223  an empty string (or possibly ````) if your database server is on the
     224  same physical machine (not used for SQLite). See :setting:`HOST` for details.
    226226If you're new to databases, we recommend simply using SQLite by setting
    227227:setting:`ENGINE` to ``'django.db.backends.sqlite3'`` and :setting:`NAME` to
  • docs/ref/databases.txt

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    a b aggregate with a database backend that falls within the affected release range. 
    3434.. _Release 8.2.5: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/devel/static/release-8-2-5.html
    3636PostgreSQL connection settings
    37 ------------------------------
    39 By default (empty :setting:`HOST`), the connection to the database is done
    40 through UNIX domain sockets ('local' lines in pg_hba.conf). If you want to
    41 connect through TCP sockets, set :setting:`HOST` to 'localhost' or ''
    42 ('host' lines in pg_hba.conf). On Windows, you should always define
    43 :setting:`HOST`, as UNIX domain sockets are not available.
     39See :setting:`HOST` for details.
    4541Optimizing PostgreSQL's configuration
  • docs/ref/settings.txt

    diff --git a/docs/ref/settings.txt b/docs/ref/settings.txt
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    a b MySQL will connect via a Unix socket to the specified socket. For example:: 
    431431If you're using MySQL and this value *doesn't* start with a forward slash, then
    432432this value is assumed to be the host.
    434 If you're using PostgreSQL, an empty string means to use a Unix domain socket
    435 for the connection, rather than a network connection to localhost. If you
    436 explicitly need to use a TCP/IP connection on the local machine with
    437 PostgreSQL, specify ``localhost`` here.
     434If you're using PostgreSQL, by default (empty :setting:`HOST`), the connection
     435to the database is done through UNIX domain sockets ('local' lines in
     436``pg_hba.conf``). If you want to connect through TCP sockets, set
     437:setting:`HOST` to 'localhost' or '' ('host' lines in ``pg_hba.conf``).
     438On Windows, you should always define :setting:`HOST`, as UNIX domain sockets
     439are not available.
    439441.. setting:: NAME
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