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Added new tutorials to release notes

  • docs/releases/1.5.txt

    diff --git a/docs/releases/1.5.txt b/docs/releases/1.5.txt
    index b73bb04..c22b473 100644
    a b GeoDjango 
    219219* Support for PostGIS 2.0 has been added and support for GDAL < 1.5 has been
    220220  dropped.
     222New tutorials
     225Additions to the docs include a revamped :doc:`Tutorial 3</intro/tutorial03>`
     226and a new :doc:`fifth tutorial on testing</intro/tutorial05>`. A new section,
     227"Advanced Tutorials", offers :doc:`How to write reusable apps
     228</intro/reusable-apps>` as well as a step-by-step guide for new contributors in
     229:doc:`Writing your first patch for Django </intro/contributing>`.
    222231Minor features
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