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Different implementation (+docs and tests)

  • django/utils/functional.py

    diff --git a/django/utils/functional.py b/django/utils/functional.py
    index 085a8fc..61c3026 100644
    a b def lazy(func, *resultclasses): 
    153153        __hash__ = object.__hash__
    155155        def __mod__(self, rhs):
     156            if hasattr(self, '_mod_key') and self._mod_key in rhs:
     157                self.__args = self.__args[:-1] + (rhs[self._mod_key],)
    156158            if self._delegate_bytes and not six.PY3:
    157159                return bytes(self) % rhs
    158160            elif self._delegate_text:
    def lazy(func, *resultclasses): 
    170172    @wraps(func)
    171173    def __wrapper__(*args, **kw):
    172174        # Creates the proxy object, instead of the actual value.
    173         return __proxy__(args, kw)
     175        proxy = __proxy__(args, kw)
     176        if (func.__name__ in ('ngettext', 'ungettext', 'npgettext') and
     177                isinstance(args[-1], six.string_types):
     178            proxy._mod_key = args[-1]
     179        return proxy
    175181    return __wrapper__
  • docs/ref/utils.txt

    diff --git a/docs/ref/utils.txt b/docs/ref/utils.txt
    index bd38981..ea6e8ab 100644
    a b For a complete discussion on the usage of the following see the 
    748748.. function:: ngettext_lazy(singular, plural, number)
    749749.. function:: ungettext_lazy(singular, plural, number)
    750 .. function:: npgettext_lazy(singular, plural, number)
     750.. function:: npgettext_lazy(context, singular, plural, number)
    752     Same as the non-lazy versions above, but using lazy execution.
     752    Same as the non-lazy versions above, but using lazy execution. As most of
     753    the time, the ``number`` argument is not known at the time you call a lazy
     754    function, you can also pass a dictionary key name in ``number`` which will
     755    have to match a dictionary key at string interpolation time.
    754757    See :ref:`lazy translations documentation <lazy-translations>`.
  • docs/topics/i18n/translation.txt

    diff --git a/docs/topics/i18n/translation.txt b/docs/topics/i18n/translation.txt
    index 65c6fe2..c2429f3 100644
    a b convert them to strings, because they should be converted as late as possible 
    408408(so that the correct locale is in effect). This necessitates the use of the
    409409helper function described next.
     411Lazy translations and plural
     414.. versionadded:: 1.5
     416When using lazy translation for a plural string (``[u]n[p]gettext_lazy``), you
     417generally don't know the ``number`` argument at the time of the string
     418definition. Therefore, you are authorized to pass a dictionary key name in place
     419of an integer as the ``number`` argument. Then, when the string is effectively
     420translated with a placeholders dictionary, the ``number`` argument will get
     421substituted by the value of the key in the dictionary::
     423    class MyForm(forms.Form):
     424        error_message = ungettext_lazy("You only provide %(num)d argument",
     425             "You only provide %(num)d arguments", 'num')
     427        def clean(self):
     428            ...
     429            raise forms.ValidationError(self.error_message % {'num': number})
    411431Joining strings: string_concat()
  • tests/regressiontests/i18n/other/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.po

    diff --git a/tests/regressiontests/i18n/other/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo b/tests/regressiontests/i18n/other/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo
    index f825e39..d94e903 100644
    Binary files a/tests/regressiontests/i18n/other/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo and b/tests/regressiontests/i18n/other/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo differ
    diff --git a/tests/regressiontests/i18n/other/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.po b/tests/regressiontests/i18n/other/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.po
    index a471d38..6a192a3 100644
    a b msgid "May" 
    3535msgstr "Kann"
    3737#: models.py:11
     38msgid "%(num)d good result"
     39msgid_plural "%(num)d good results"
     40msgstr[0] "%(num)d gutes Resultat"
     41msgstr[1] "%(num)d guten Resultate"
     43#: models.py:11
    3844msgctxt "search"
    3945msgid "%d result"
    4046msgid_plural "%d results"
    msgstr "Es gibt %(num_comments)s Kommentare" 
    7581#: models.py:23
    7682msgctxt "other comment count"
    7783msgid "There are %(num_comments)s comments"
    78 msgstr "Andere: Es gibt %(num_comments)s Kommentare"
    79  No newline at end of file
     84msgstr "Andere: Es gibt %(num_comments)s Kommentare"
  • tests/regressiontests/i18n/tests.py

    diff --git a/tests/regressiontests/i18n/tests.py b/tests/regressiontests/i18n/tests.py
    index 1346383..7932c62 100644
    a b from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe, SafeBytes, SafeString, SafeText 
    2222from django.utils import six
    2323from django.utils.six import PY3
    2424from django.utils.translation import (ugettext, ugettext_lazy, activate,
    25     deactivate, gettext_lazy, pgettext, npgettext, to_locale,
     25    deactivate, gettext_lazy, ungettext_lazy, pgettext, npgettext, to_locale,
    2626    get_language_info, get_language, get_language_from_request, trans_real)
    extended_locale_paths = settings.LOCALE_PATHS + ( 
    5252class TranslationTests(TestCase):
    5453    def test_override(self):
    5554        activate('de')
    5655        with translation.override('pl'):
    class TranslationTests(TestCase): 
    9089        self.assertEqual(six.text_type(s2), "test")
    9291    @override_settings(LOCALE_PATHS=extended_locale_paths)
     92    def test_ungettext_lazy(self):
     93        s1 = ungettext_lazy("%(num)d good result", "%(num)d good results", 4)
     94        s2 = ungettext_lazy("%(num)d good result", "%(num)d good results", 'num')
     95        with translation.override('de'):
     96            # s1 form not very useful, as number arg is fixed at definition time
     97            self.assertEqual(s1 % {'num': 1}, "1 guten Resultate")
     98            self.assertEqual(s2 % {'num': 1}, "1 gutes Resultat")
     99            self.assertEqual(s2 % {'num': 4}, "4 guten Resultate")
     101    @override_settings(LOCALE_PATHS=extended_locale_paths)
    93102    def test_pgettext(self):
    94103        trans_real._active = local()
    95104        trans_real._translations = {}
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