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Hint to find Django sources

  • docs/intro/tutorial02.txt

    diff --git a/docs/intro/tutorial02.txt b/docs/intro/tutorial02.txt
    index 0d95f6f..d1c4626 100644
    a b above, then copy ``django/contrib/admin/templates/admin/base_site.html`` to 
    442442``/home/my_username/mytemplates/admin/base_site.html``. Don't forget that
    443443``admin`` subdirectory.
     445.. admonition:: Where are Django sources?
     447    If you have difficulties to find where Django source files are located on
     448    your system, just run the following command:
     450    .. code-block:: bash
     452        python -c "import sys; sys.path = sys.path[1:]; import django; print(django.__path__)"
    445454Then, just edit the file and replace the generic Django text with your own
    446455site's name as you see fit.
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