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    a b For each field, we describe the default widget used if you don't specify 
    591591    * Error message keys: ``required``, ``invalid``, ``missing``, ``empty``,
    592592      ``invalid_image``
    594     Using an ImageField requires that the `Python Imaging Library`_ is installed.
     594    Using an ``ImageField`` requires that the `Python Imaging Library`_ (PIL)
     595    is installed and supports the image formats you use. If you encounter a
     596    ``corrupt image`` error when you upload an image, it usually means PIL
     597    doesn't understand its format. To fix this, install the appropriate
     598    library and reinstall PIL.
    596600    When you use an ``ImageField`` on a form, you must also remember to
    597601    :ref:`bind the file data to the form <binding-uploaded-files>`.
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