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    a b tell Django is installed by running the Python interactive interpreter and 
    1717typing ``import django``. If that command runs successfully, with no errors,
    1818Django is installed.
     20You will also need to check that the version of Django
     21you have installed matches the version of the tutorial. After importing Django
     22in the Python interactive interpreter you should type in ``django.get_version()``.
     23If the version displayed in the interpreter does not match the version for this tutorial
     24you can refer to the tutorial for your version of Django or update Django to the
     25newest version.
     27See :doc:`How to install Django </topics/install>` for advice on how to remove older
     28versions of Django and install a newer one.
    2030.. admonition:: Where to get help:
    2232    If you're having trouble going through this tutorial, please post a message
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