Ticket #16613: db_backend_mysql_base.patch

File db_backend_mysql_base.patch, 703 bytes (added by Stan <stan__at__slashdev.me>, 9 years ago)

Patch correcting the database of test for MySQL.

  • django/db/backends/mysql/base.py

    143143        # will tell you the default table type of the created
    144144        # table. Since all Django's test tables will have the same
    145145        # table type, that's enough to evaluate the feature.
    146         cursor.execute('SHOW TABLE STATUS WHERE Name="INTROSPECT_TEST"')
     146        cursor.execute("SHOW TABLE STATUS WHERE Name='INTROSPECT_TEST'")
    147147        result = cursor.fetchone()
    148148        cursor.execute('DROP TABLE INTROSPECT_TEST')
    149149        return result[1] != 'MyISAM'
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