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    a b you quickly accomplish common tasks. 
    2424   outputting-csv
    2525   outputting-pdf
    2626   static-files
     27   windows
    2829.. seealso::
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     2How to install Django on Windows
     5This document will guide you through installing Django and Python for
     6basic usage on Windows. This is meant as a beginners guide for users doing
     7development of Django projects and does not reflect how Django should be
     8installed for production environments.
     10Install Python
     13Django is a Python web framework, thus requiring Python installed on your
     16To install Python on your machine go to http://python.org/download/, and
     17download a Windows MSI installer for Python 2.x (eg. 2.7.1). Django does not
     18currently run on Python 3.x. lSee the :doc:`the Django FAQ </faq/install>`
     19for more information.
     21Once downloaded, run the MSI installer and follow the on screen instructions.
     23Install Setuptools
     26To install other python software on your computer, setuptools is needed.
     27Download the latest installer for your Python version from
     28http://pypi.python.org/pypi/setuptools#files. Run the installer and follow
     29the on screen instructions.
     31Adding Python to PATH
     34To be able to execute Python, and related scripts, the directory where
     35you installed Python, and the *Scripts* sub directory,
     36must be on PATH. Only the approach for Windows 7 will be explained,
     37but the other versions of Windows have similar approaches.
     39* Click the Windows button.
     41* Right click on *Computer* and choose *Properties*.
     43* Click *Advanced System Settings* at the bottom of the list on the left side
     44  of the opened window.
     46* Click *Environment Variables* at the bottom
     48* Find the *Path* variable in the list of *System variables*,
     49  select it and click the *Edit...* button.
     51* The *Variable value* is a semi colon separated list of directories. Make
     52  sure both the install directory and the *Scripts* directory is in this list.
     53  If not, add them to the end of the list (*C:\\Python27;
     54  C:\\Python27\\Scripts*)
     56* Click *OK* to save the changes.
     58Install PIP
     61`PIP <http://www.pip-installer.org/>`_ is a package manager for Python that
     62uses the `Python Package Index <http://pypi.python.org>`_ to install Python
     63packages. PIP will later be used to install Django from PYPI.
     65* Open a command prompt. If you installed Python to a directory where only
     66  administrators have write access, the command prompt need to be run as an
     67  administrator user.
     69* Execute the following command ``easy_install pip``
     71PIP should now be installed.
     76From Python version 2.5 SQLite is included in the package. This means that, for
     77local development, it is normally not needed to install other databases. If
     78you want to use another database, like PostgreSQL, MySQL etc.,
     79you are free to install it as well.
     81Install Django
     84Finally Django can be installed quite easily with PIP.
     86In the same command prompt that you used to install PIP,
     87execute the following command: ``pip install django``. This will download and
     88install Django.
     90After the installation has completed, you can verify your Django installation
     91by execution ``django-admin.py --version`` in the command prompt.
     93Common pitfalls
     96* If ``django-admin.py`` only displays the help text, no matter what arguments
     97  it is given, there are probably a problem with the file association in
     98  Windows. See the solution on `Stackoverflow <http://stackoverflow
     99  .com/questions/2640971/windows-is-not-passing-command-line-arguments-to-
     100  python-programs-executed-from-th>`_
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    a b probably already have it installed. 
    2525.. _jython: http://jython.org/
     27.. admonition:: Django on Windows
     29    If you are just starting with Django and using Windows, you may find
     30    :doc:`/howto/windows` useful.
    2732Install Apache and mod_wsgi
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