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updates fix_ampersands documentation to note its behavior when entities or entity-like characters already exist in the text.

  • docs/ref/templates/builtins.txt

    14961496If ``value`` is ``Tom & Jerry``, the output will be ``Tom & Jerry``.
     1498Named entities and numeric character references are not replaced. If ``value``
     1499is ``Pepé Le Pew``, the output will remain ``Pepé Le Pew``.
     1501In some edge cases--such as abbreviations followed by semicolons--this filter
     1502will not replace ampersands that need replacing. If ``value`` is ``Darrin, run
     1503that past R&D; Betty…``, the output will remain unchanged because ``&D;``
     1504resembles a named entity.
    14981506.. templatefilter:: floatformat
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