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  • docs/topics/http/shortcuts.txt

    2525   :func:`render()` is the same as a call to
    2626   :func:`render_to_response()` with a `context_instance` argument that
    27    that forces the use of a :class:`~django.template.RequestContext`.
     27   forces the use of a :class:`~django.template.RequestContext`.
    2929Required arguments
  • docs/topics/db/multi-db.txt

    455455Django's admin doesn't have any explicit support for multiple
    456456databases. If you want to provide an admin interface for a model on a
    457 database other than that that specified by your router chain, you'll
     457database other than that specified by your router chain, you'll
    458458need to write custom :class:`~django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin` classes
    459459that will direct the admin to use a specific database for content.
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