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    two test frameworks that ship in the Python standard library. The two 
    3636frameworks are:
    3838    * **Unit tests** -- tests that are expressed as methods on a Python class
    39       that subclasses ``unittest.TestCase``. For example::
     39      that subclasses ``unittest.TestCase`` or Django's customized
     40      :class:`TestCase`. For example::
    4142          import unittest
    Converting a normal ``unittest.TestCase`` to a Django ``TestCase`` is easy: 
    10981099just change the base class of your test from ``unittest.TestCase`` to
    10991100``django.test.TestCase``. All of the standard Python unit test functionality
    11001101will continue to be available, but it will be augmented with some useful
    1101 additions.
     1102additions, including:
     1104    * Automatic loading of fixtures.
     1106    * Wraps each test in a transaction.
     1108    * Creates a TestClient instance.
     1110    * Django-specific assertions for testing for things
     1111      like redirection and form errors.
    11031113.. class:: TransactionTestCase()
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