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doc path for fixture ordering - maybe just a draft

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    116116</ref/django-admin>`. Refer to the :doc:`manage.py documentation
    117117</ref/django-admin>` for more information.
    119 Note that if you have multiple SQL data files, there's no guarantee of
    120 the order in which they're executed. The only thing you can assume is
    121 that, by the time your custom data files are executed, all the
    122 database tables already will have been created.
     119SQL data files are executed in the same order than their ordering
     120in the fixtures.
     122For example:
     124fixtures = ['foo','bar','baz']
     125foo will be executed first then bar, then baz.
     127However, fixtures are not loaded for one application but for any
     128applications which contains this fixture.
     130Therefore, you should also take into account the order in which application
     131are defined.
    124134.. admonition:: Initial SQL data and testing
    126136    This technique *cannot* be used to provide initial data for
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