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  • docs/ref/models/fields.txt

    554554day. If you upload a file on Jan. 15, 2007, it will be saved in the directory
    557 If you want to retrieve the upload file's on-disk filename, or a URL that refers
     557If you wish to retrieve the upload file's on-disk filename, a URL that refers
    558558to that file, or the file's size, you can use the
    559 :attr:`~django.core.files.File.name`, :attr:`~django.core.files.File.url`
    560 and :attr:`~django.core.files.File.size` attributes; see :doc:`/topics/files`.
     559:attr:`~django.core.files.File.name`, :attr:`~django.core.files.storage.Storage.url`
     560and :attr:`~django.core.files.storage.Storage.size` attributes; provided the
     561:doc:`/ref/files/storage` you're using
     562(:class:`~django.core.files.storage.FileSystemStorage` by default) implements
     563them. See :doc:`/topics/files` for further information.
    562565Note that whenever you deal with uploaded files, you should pay close attention
    563566to where you're uploading them and what type of files they are, to avoid
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