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Clarifies tutorial language and removes premature instructions on templating.

  • docs/intro/tutorial02.txt

    447447make significant changes to the layout. After all, the index is probably the
    448448most important page of the admin, and it should be easy to use.
    450 The template to customize is ``admin/index.html``. (Do the same as with
    451 ``admin/base_site.html`` in the previous section -- copy it from the default
    452 directory to your custom template directory.) Edit the file, and you'll see it
    453 uses a template variable called ``app_list``. That variable contains every
    454 installed Django app. Instead of using that, you can hard-code links to
    455 object-specific admin pages in whatever way you think is best.
     450The template to customize is ``admin/index.html``. As with
     451``admin/base_site.html`` in the previous section you don't want to edit the
     452original file. Instead, copy it from the default directory to your custom
     453template directory, then edit the copy.
     455In that file, you'll see a reference to ``{% for app in app_list %}``. This is
     456Django's way of iterating over a variable named ``app_list`` which contains
     457every Django app in :setting:`INSTALLED_APPS`. The index page is normally
     458created by iterating through those apps and creating sections for each one
     459automatically. You can override this behavior using Django's templating
     460language, but we'll talk more about that in the next tutorial.
    457462When you're comfortable with the admin site, read :ref:`part 3 of this tutorial
    458463<intro-tutorial03>` to start working on public poll views.
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