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  • conf/locale/ga/LC_MESSAGES/django.po

     1# This file is distributed under the same license as the Django package.
    23msgid ""
    34msgstr ""
    45"Project-Id-Version: Django\n"
    56"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
    67"POT-Creation-Date: 2009-12-22 19:26+0100\n"
    7 "PO-Revision-Date: 2009-10-01 11:40+0100\n"
    8 "Last-Translator: Michael Thornhill <michael@maithu.com>\n"
    9 "Language-Team: Gaeilge <ga@li.org>\n"
     8"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-12-24 06:01+0100\n"
     9"Last-Translator: Kevin Scannell <kscanne@gmail.com>\n"
     10"Language-Team: Irish <gaeilge-gnulinux@lists.sourceforge.net>\n"
    1011"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
    1112"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
    1213"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
    13 "Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n == 1 ? 0 : 1;\n"
     14"Plural-Forms: nplurals=5; plural=n==1 ? 0 : n==2 ? 1 : n<7 ? 2 : n < 11 ? "
     15"3 : 4\n"
    1517#: conf/global_settings.py:44
    1618msgid "Arabic"
    14041406msgid_plural "%(count)s comments were successfully %(action)s."
    14051407msgstr[0] ""
    14061408msgstr[1] ""
     1409msgstr[2] ""
     1410msgstr[3] ""
     1411msgstr[4] ""
    14081413#: contrib/comments/feeds.py:13
    14091414#, python-format
    38713876#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:395 db/models/fields/__init__.py:775
    38723877msgid "This value must be an integer."
    3873 msgstr "Ní mór go mbeadh an luach slánuimhir."
     3878msgstr "Ní mór don luach seo a bheith ina shlánuimhir."
    38753880#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:413
    38763881msgid "Boolean (Either True or False)"
    38793884#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:428
    38803885msgid "This value must be either True or False."
    3881 msgstr "Ní mór go mbeadh an luach ceachtar Fíor nó Bréagach."
     3886msgstr "Ní mór don luach seo a bheith Fíor nó Bréagach."
    38833888#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:456 db/models/fields/__init__.py:873
    38843889#, python-format
    38883893#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:469
    38893894msgid "This field cannot be null."
    3890 msgstr "Ní féidir an réimse seo a bheith null."
     3895msgstr "Ní cheadaítear luach nialasach sa réimse seo."
    38923897#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:479
    38933898msgid "Comma-separated integers"
    38963901#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:487
    38973902msgid "Enter only digits separated by commas."
    3898 msgstr "Cuir isteach digite amháin anseo scartha le camóg."
     3903msgstr "Ná cuir isteach ach digití scartha ag camóga."
    39003905#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:496
    39013906msgid "Date (without time)"
    39043909#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:520
    39053910msgid "Enter a valid date in YYYY-MM-DD format."
    3906 msgstr "Cuir isteach dáta bailí i bhformáid YYYY-MM-DD."
     3911msgstr "Cuir dáta bailí isteach, san fhormáid BBBB-MM-LL."
    39083913#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:529
    39093914#, python-format
    39173922#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:600 db/models/fields/__init__.py:618
    39183923msgid "Enter a valid date/time in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM[:ss[.uuuuuu]] format."
    3919 msgstr "Iontráil dáta/am bailí i bhformáid YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM[:ss[.uuuuuu]]."
     3924msgstr ""
     3925"Cuir dáta/am bailí isteach, san fhormáid BBBB-MM-LL UU:NN[:ss[.uuuuuu]]."
    39213927#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:645
    39223928msgid "Decimal number"
    39253931#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:660
    39263932msgid "This value must be a decimal number."
    3927 msgstr "Ní mór go mbeadh an luach uimhir deachúil."
     3933msgstr "Ní mór don luach seo a bheith ina uimhir dheachúlach."
    39293935#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:699
    39303936msgid "E-mail address"
    39543960#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:826
    39553961msgid "This value must be either None, True or False."
    3956 msgstr "Ní mór go mbeadh an luach None, Fíor nó Bréagach."
     3962msgstr "Ní mór don luach seo a bheith Faic, Fíor nó Bréagach."
    39583964#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:896
    39593965msgid "Text"
    39663972#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:939 db/models/fields/__init__.py:953
    39673973msgid "Enter a valid time in HH:MM[:ss[.uuuuuu]] format."
    3968 msgstr "Iontráil am bailí i bhformáid HH:MM[:ss[.uuuuuu]]."
     3974msgstr "Cuir am bailí isteach san fhormáid UU:NN[:ss[.uuuuuu]]."
    39703976#: db/models/fields/__init__.py:999
    39713977msgid "XML text"
    39873993msgid ""
    39883994"Hold down \"Control\", or \"Command\" on a Mac, to select more than one."
    39893995msgstr ""
    3990 "Cuir síos \"Control\", nó \"Command\" ar Mac, a roghnú níos mó ná ceann "
    3991 "amháin."
     3996"Ar ríomhaire Mac, coinnigh an eochair \"Control\" nó \"Command\" síos chun "
     3997"níos mó ná rud amháin a roghnú."
    39933999#: db/models/fields/related.py:950
    39944000#, python-format
    39964002msgid_plural ""
    39974003"Please enter valid %(self)s IDs. The values %(value)r are invalid."
    39984004msgstr[0] ""
    3999 "Le do thoil cur isteach %(self)s IDs bailí. Tá an luach %(value)r neamhbailí."
     4005"Cuir aitheantas bailí %(self)s isteach. Tá an luach %(value)r neamhbhailí."
    40004006msgstr[1] ""
    4001 "Le do thoil cur isteach %(self)s IDs bailí. Tá na luachanna %(value)r "
    4002 "neamhbailí."
     4007"Cuir aitheantas bailí %(self)s isteach. Tá na luachanna %(value)r "
     4009msgstr[2] ""
     4010"Cuir aitheantas bailí %(self)s isteach. Tá na luachanna %(value)r "
     4012msgstr[3] ""
     4013"Cuir aitheantas bailí %(self)s isteach. Tá na luachanna %(value)r "
     4015msgstr[4] ""
     4016"Cuir aitheantas bailí %(self)s isteach. Tá na luachanna %(value)r "
    40044019#: forms/fields.py:60
    40054020msgid "This field is required."
    40084023#: forms/fields.py:61
    40094024msgid "Enter a valid value."
    4010 msgstr "Cuir isteach luach bailí."
     4025msgstr "Cuir luach bailí isteach."
    40124027#: forms/fields.py:144
    40134028#, python-format
    40144029msgid "Ensure this value has at most %(max)d characters (it has %(length)d)."
    40154030msgstr ""
    4016 "Déan Cinnte go bhfuil níos lú ná %(max)d carachtair (tá %(length)d) ag an "
    4017 "luach seo."
     4031"Bí cinnte nach bhfuil níos mó ná %(max)d carachtar sa luach seo (fad %"
    40194034#: forms/fields.py:145
    40204035#, python-format
    40214036msgid "Ensure this value has at least %(min)d characters (it has %(length)d)."
    40224037msgstr ""
    4023 "Déan Cinnte go bhfuil ar a laghad %(min)d carachtair (tá %(length)d) ag an "
    4024 "luach seo."
     4038"Bí cinnte nach bhfuil níos lú ná %(min)d carachtar sa luach seo (fad %"
    40264041#: forms/fields.py:172
    40274042msgid "Enter a whole number."
    4028 msgstr "Cuir isteach uimhir lán."
     4043msgstr "Cuir slánuimhir isteach."
    40304045#: forms/fields.py:173 forms/fields.py:202 forms/fields.py:233
    40314046#, python-format
    40324047msgid "Ensure this value is less than or equal to %s."
    4033 msgstr "Cinntiú go bhfuil an luach níos lú ná nó cothrom le %s."
     4048msgstr "Bí cinnte go bhfuil an luach seo cothrom le nó níos lú ná %s."
    40354050#: forms/fields.py:174 forms/fields.py:203 forms/fields.py:234
    40364051#, python-format
    40374052msgid "Ensure this value is greater than or equal to %s."
    4038 msgstr "Cinntiú go bhfuil an luach níos mó ná nó cothrom le %s."
     4053msgstr "Bí cinnte go bhfuil an luach seo cothrom le nó níos mó ná %s."
    40404055#: forms/fields.py:201 forms/fields.py:232
    40414056msgid "Enter a number."
    4042 msgstr "Iontráil uimhir."
     4057msgstr "Cuir uimhir isteach."
    40444059#: forms/fields.py:235
    40454060#, python-format
    40464061msgid "Ensure that there are no more than %s digits in total."
    4047 msgstr "Cinntiú go mbíonn níos mó ná %s dhigit san iomlán."
     4062msgstr "Bí cinnte nach bhfuil níos mó ná %s digit ann."
    40494064#: forms/fields.py:236
    40504065#, python-format
    40514066msgid "Ensure that there are no more than %s decimal places."
    4052 msgstr "Cinntiú go mbíonn níos lú ná %s ionad dheachúlacha."
     4067msgstr "Bí cinnte nach bhfuil níos mó ná %s ionad deachúlach ann."
    40544069#: forms/fields.py:237
    40554070#, python-format
    40564071msgid "Ensure that there are no more than %s digits before the decimal point."
    4057 msgstr "Cinntiú go mbíonn níos lú ná %s dhigit roimh an pointe deachúil."
     4072msgstr "Bí cinnte nach bhfuil níos mó ná %s digit roimh an bpointe deachúlach."
    40594074#: forms/fields.py:290 forms/fields.py:848
    40604075msgid "Enter a valid date."
    4061 msgstr "Cuir isteach dáta bailí."
     4076msgstr "Cuir dáta bailí isteach."
    40634078#: forms/fields.py:319 forms/fields.py:849
    40644079msgid "Enter a valid time."
    4065 msgstr "Iontráil am bailí."
     4080msgstr "Cuir am bailí isteach."
    40674082#: forms/fields.py:346
    40684083msgid "Enter a valid date/time."
    4069 msgstr "Iontráil dáta/am bailí."
     4084msgstr "Cuir dáta/am bailí isteach."
    40714086#: forms/fields.py:432
    40724087msgid "No file was submitted. Check the encoding type on the form."
    4073 msgstr ""
    4074 "Níor cuireadh isteach aon chomhad ann. Seiceáil an cineál ionchódú ar an "
    4075 "bhfoirm."
     4088msgstr "Níor seoladh comhad. Deimhnigh cineál an ionchódaithe ar an bhfoirm."
    40774090#: forms/fields.py:433
    40784091msgid "No file was submitted."
    4079 msgstr "Níor cuireadh isteach aon chomhad."
     4092msgstr "Níor seoladh aon chomhad."
    40814094#: forms/fields.py:434
    40824095msgid "The submitted file is empty."
    4083 msgstr "Tá an comhad curtha isteach folamh."
     4096msgstr "Tá an comhad a seoladh folamh."
    40854098#: forms/fields.py:435
    40864099#, python-format
    40954108"Upload a valid image. The file you uploaded was either not an image or a "
    40964109"corrupted image."
    40974110msgstr ""
    4098 "Uaslód íomhá bailí. Ní raibh an comhad uaslódáithe ceachtar íomhá nó íomhá "
    4099 "ceart."
     4111"Uasluchtaigh íomhá bhailí. Níorbh íomhá é an comhad a d'uasluchtaigh tú, nó "
     4112"b'íomhá thruaillithe é."
    41014114#: forms/fields.py:529
    41024115msgid "Enter a valid URL."
    4103 msgstr "Cuir URL bailí."
     4116msgstr "Cuir URL bailí isteach."
    41054118#: forms/fields.py:530
    41064119msgid "This URL appears to be a broken link."
    4107 msgstr "is dócha go bhfuil nasc an URL seo briste."
     4120msgstr "Dealraíonn sé gur nasc briste é an URL seo."
    41094122#: forms/fields.py:610 forms/fields.py:688
    41104123#, python-format
    41114124msgid "Select a valid choice. %(value)s is not one of the available choices."
    4112 msgstr ""
    4113 "Roghnaigh rogha bailí. Níl %(value)s ar cheann de na roghanna atá ar fáil."
     4125msgstr "Déan rogha bhailí. Ní ceann de na roghanna é %(value)s."
    41154127#: forms/fields.py:689 forms/fields.py:750 forms/models.py:1007
    41164128msgid "Enter a list of values."
    4117 msgstr "Iontráil liosta de luachanna."
     4129msgstr "Cuir liosta de luachanna isteach."
    41194131#: forms/fields.py:877
    41204132msgid "Enter a valid IPv4 address."
    4121 msgstr "Iontráil seoladh IPv4 bailí."
     4133msgstr "Cuir seoladh bailí IPv4 isteach."
    41234135#: forms/fields.py:887
    41244136msgid ""
    41254137"Enter a valid 'slug' consisting of letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens."
    41264138msgstr ""
    4127 "Iontráil slug bailí, níl ach litreacha, uimhreacha, fílínta agus daiseanna "
    4128 "ceadaithe."
     4139"Cuir 'slug' bailí isteach atá déanta as litreacha, uimhreacha, fostríoca nó "
    41304142#: forms/formsets.py:271 forms/formsets.py:273
    41314143msgid "Order"
    4132 msgstr "Ordú"
     4144msgstr "Ord"
    41344146#: forms/models.py:364
    41354147#, python-format
    41394151#: forms/models.py:378 forms/models.py:386
    41404152#, python-format
    41414153msgid "%(model_name)s with this %(field_label)s already exists."
    4142 msgstr "%(model_name)s leis an %(field_label)s ann cheana féin."
     4154msgstr "Tá %(model_name)s leis an %(field_label)s seo ann cheana."
    41444156#: forms/models.py:592
    41454157#, python-format
    41754187#: forms/models.py:934
    41764188msgid "Select a valid choice. That choice is not one of the available choices."
    4177 msgstr ""
    4178 "Roghnaigh rogha bailí. Níl an rogha sin ar cheann de na roghanna atá ar fáil."
     4189msgstr "Déan rogha bhailí. Ní ceann de na roghanna é do roghasa."
    41804191#: forms/models.py:1008
    41814192#, python-format
    41824193msgid "Select a valid choice. %s is not one of the available choices."
    4183 msgstr "Roghnaigh rogha bailí. Níl %s ceann de na roghanna atá ar fáil."
     4194msgstr "Déan rogha bhailí. Ní ceann de na roghanna é %s."
    41854196#: forms/models.py:1010
    41864197#, python-format
    44744485#: utils/translation/trans_real.py:527
    44754486msgid "DATE_FORMAT"
    4476 msgstr "j F Y"
     4487msgstr "N j, Y"
    44784489#: utils/translation/trans_real.py:528
    44794490msgid "DATETIME_FORMAT"
    44824493#: utils/translation/trans_real.py:529
    44834494msgid "TIME_FORMAT"
    4484 msgstr "H:i:s"
     4495msgstr "P"
    44864497#: utils/translation/trans_real.py:550
    44874498msgid "YEAR_MONTH_FORMAT"
    4488 msgstr ""
     4499msgstr "F Y"
    44904501#: utils/translation/trans_real.py:551
    44914502msgid "MONTH_DAY_FORMAT"
    4492 msgstr "j F"
     4503msgstr "F j"
    44944505#: views/generic/create_update.py:115
    44954506#, python-format
    44964507msgid "The %(verbose_name)s was created successfully."
    4497 msgstr "Cruthaíodh an %(verbose_name)s go rathúil."
     4508msgstr "D'éirigh le cruthú %(verbose_name)s."
    44994510#: views/generic/create_update.py:158
    45004511#, python-format
    45014512msgid "The %(verbose_name)s was updated successfully."
    4502 msgstr "D'athraigh %(verbose_name)s go rathúil."
     4513msgstr "D'éirigh le nuashonrú %(verbose_name)s."
    45044515#: views/generic/create_update.py:201
    45054516#, python-format
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