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6 Should I use the official version or development version?
7 ---------------------------------------------------------
9-The Django developers improve Django every day and are pretty good about not
10-checking in broken code. We use the development code (from the Subversion
11-repository) directly on our servers, so we consider it stable. With that in
12-mind, we recommend that you use the latest development code, because it
13-generally contains more features and fewer bugs than the "official" releases.
14+The Django project has a `release cycle`_ which states that `minor releases`_
15+(1.1, 1.2) will happen roughly every six months. We recommend that you use the
16+latest released version of Django in your projects. Those that want the cutting
17+edge of Django should use the development code (from the Subversion repository).
19+.. _`release cycle`:
20+.. _`minor releases`: