Ticket #10897: admin-bulk-edits-ungettext.diff

File admin-bulk-edits-ungettext.diff, 1.2 KB (added by Marek Stępniowski, 9 years ago)

Patch to replace call to ngettext() where ungettext() should be used

  • Users/zuber/Projekty/przefotka/lib/django/contrib/admin/options.py

    1818from django.utils.functional import curry
    1919from django.utils.text import capfirst, get_text_list
    2020from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
    21 from django.utils.translation import ngettext, ugettext_lazy
     21from django.utils.translation import ungettext, ugettext_lazy
    2222from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
    2424    set
    937937                        name = force_unicode(opts.verbose_name)
    938938                    else:
    939939                        name = force_unicode(opts.verbose_name_plural)
    940                     msg = ngettext("%(count)s %(name)s was changed successfully.",
     940                    msg = ungettext("%(count)s %(name)s was changed successfully.",
    941941                                   "%(count)s %(name)s were changed successfully.",
    942942                                   changecount) % {'count': changecount,
    943943                                                   'name': name,
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