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  • docs/ref/databases.txt

    377377uses a newer version of SQLite. Python 2.6 ships with a newer version of
    378378SQLite and is not affected by this issue.
    380 If you are in such platform and find yourself in the need to update
     380If you are on such a platform and find yourself needing to update
    381381``pysqlite``/SQLite, you will also need to manually modify the
    382382``django/db/backends/sqlite3/base.py`` file in the Django source tree so it
    383 attempts to import ``pysqlite2`` before than ``sqlite3`` and so it can take
     383attempts to import ``pysqlite2`` before ``sqlite3`` and so it can take
    384384advantage of the new ``pysqlite2``/SQLite versions.
    386386Version 3.5.9
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