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    3838   Example: ``"/music/bands/the_beatles/"``
     40.. attribute:: HttpRequest.path_info
     42   Under some web server configurations,
     43   the portion of the URL after the host name is split up 
     44   into a script prefix portion and a path info portion 
     45   (this happens, for example, when using the ``django.root`` option
     46   with the
     47   :ref:`modpython handler from Apache <howto-deployment-modpython>`). 
     48   The ``path_info`` attribute always contains the 
     49   path info portion of the path, 
     50   no matter what web server is being used. 
     51   Using this instead of ``path`` can make your code 
     52   much easier to move between test and deployment servers.
     54   Example: If the ``django.root`` for your application is set to
     55   ``"/minfo"``, then ``path`` might be
     56   ``"/minfo/music/bands/the_beatles/"`` but ``path_info``
     57   would be ``"/music/bands/the_beatles/"``.
    4059.. attribute:: HttpRequest.method
    4261    A string representing the HTTP method used in the request. This is
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