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Google Map API helper app for Django


  • add googlemap application in a django project
  • edit googlemap/ set SECRET_KEY (get a key at
  • import googlemap/ in the main from googlemap.settings import *
  • add googlemap urls: (r'^mysite/gmap/', include('mysite.googlemap.urls')),

what django-gmap can do (right now)

  • http://.../gmap/test : displays a map
  • http://.../gmap/test/circle : displays a map, adds a marker with a circle on double-click
  • http://.../gmap/input : display a map, adds markers on double-clicks and populate database
  • data model for persistance: GLatLng, GMarker, GMarkerOptions, GMap2, GDirection, GIcon, GPoly
  • enhanced admin: add GLatLng entities by clicking on a google map

what django-gmap will do (soon I hope)

  • (todo)
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