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Differences between Devserver and Apache

Running with ./ devserver is very handy, but it may allow you to create things that won't 'just work' when you move the site to Apache. (or other servers.)

As I run into troubles porting my site, I hear things like "maybe it is because X." I call this a rumor. I also hear "Yes, X happens because Y." If Y supports X, I call it a confirmed rumor. So onto the rumors.

Rumors ======

  • Devserver adds installed apps to sys.path, Apache does not.
  • to setup same path as devserver, you need both the directory the file is in and the parent of that directory.
  • devserver serves up static files. apache does too, but you need to tell it to.
  • devserver re-validates model changes automatically. Under apache, the django process has to be restarted to pick up model changes.


"Note that the Django development server automagically serves admin media files, but this is not the case when you use any other server arrangement."

devserver's current may not be the same as apache's. so if your view code references files with relitive paths you will have trouble.

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