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Here's a quick example of accessing Amazon Web Services using Python. You must first download and install Amara and obtain a Amazon Web Services access key.

from httplib import HTTPConnection
from urlparse import urlparse, urlunparse
import amara

def paramunparse(params):
    result = ""
    for k, v in params.iteritems():
        result += k + "=" + v + "&"
    return result.rstrip('&')

AWSAccessKeyId = [Your Access Key ID Here]
isbn = '0-3951-7711-1'
# ISBN's are sometimes formatted with hyphens
# The ASIN for books is equal to the ISBN with no hyphens
asin = isbn.replace('-','') 
host = ''
path = '/onca/xml'
params = { 'Service': 'AWSECommerceService', 
           'AWSAccessKeyId': AWSAccessKeyId, 
           'Operation': 'ItemLookup', 
           'MerchantId': 'Featured',
           'IdType': 'ASIN',
           'ResponseGroup': 'Medium',
           'ItemId': asin}

query = urlunparse(('','',path, '', paramunparse(params), ''))
print 'http://'+host+query
conn = HTTPConnection(host)
xmlresponse = conn.getresponse().read()
doc = amara.parse(xmlresponse)
print "Found", len(doc.ItemLookupResponse.Items.Item), "items."
print "Looking at first item"
item = doc.ItemLookupResponse.Items.Item[0]
print "Title:", item.ItemAttributes.Title
print "Authors:", 
for author in item.ItemAttributes.Author:
    print author.__str__() + ";",

price = item.OfferSummary.LowestNewPrice.Amount #unformatted
print "List Price:", item.ItemAttributes.ListPrice.FormattedPrice
print "Amazon Price:", item.OfferSummary.LowestNewPrice.FormattedPrice

Although this article is not directly related to Django, it will undoubtly be useful for many Django newbies.

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