Here's a quick example of accessing Amazon Web Services using Python. You must first download and install Amara and obtain a Amazon Web Services access key.

from httplib import HTTPConnection 
from urlparse import urlparse, urlunparse 
import amara 
def paramunparse(params): 
    result = "" 
    for k, v in params.iteritems(): 
        result += k + "=" + v + "&" 
    return result.rstrip('&') 
AWSAccessKeyId = [Your Access Key ID Here] 
isbn = '0-3951-7711-1' 
# ISBN's are sometimes formatted with hyphens 
# The ASIN for books is equal to the ISBN with no hyphens 
asin = isbn.replace('-','')  
host = '' 
path = '/onca/xml' 
params = { 'Service': 'AWSECommerceService',  
           'AWSAccessKeyId': AWSAccessKeyId,  
           'Operation': 'ItemLookup',  
           'MerchantId': 'Featured', 
           'IdType': 'ASIN', 
           'ResponseGroup': 'Medium', 
           'ItemId': asin} 
query = urlunparse(('','',path, '', paramunparse(params), '')) 
print 'http://'+host+query 
conn = HTTPConnection(host) 
xmlresponse = conn.getresponse().read() 
doc = amara.parse(xmlresponse) 
print "Found", len(doc.ItemLookupResponse.Items.Item), "items." 
print "Looking at first item" 
item = doc.ItemLookupResponse.Items.Item[0] 
print "Title:", item.ItemAttributes.Title 
print "Authors:",  
for author in item.ItemAttributes.Author: 
    print author.__str__() + ";", 
price = item.OfferSummary.LowestNewPrice.Amount #unformatted 
print "List Price:", item.ItemAttributes.ListPrice.FormattedPrice 
print "Amazon Price:", item.OfferSummary.LowestNewPrice.FormattedPrice 

Although this article is not directly related to Django, it will undoubtly be useful for many Django newbies.

You could also use boto instead of Amara.

Using amara2 the xml object binding syntax is slightly different.

from amara import bindery
doc = amara.bindery.parse(xmlresponse)
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