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     1= Google's Summer of Code 2006 =
     3Django is a sponsoring organization for the [ 2007 Google Summer of Code]. (Read Google's page for more information on how the program works.)
     5== Mentors ==
     7If you're interesting in mentoring -- supervising a student in work on Django-related activities -- wait for Marth 14, [ sign up over at Google], and then add your name below:
     9 * Placeholder - add your name here
     11== Students ==
     13Student applications opened March 14; [ sign up over at Google] and be sure to list Django as the project you want to work with.
     15If you'd like to get started on your proposal early, we'll be looking for a few things.  You'll need to have a concrete task in mind (some ideas are below) along with a solid idea of what will constitute "success" (you tell us).  We'll want to know a bit about you -- links to previous work are great, if any.  You'll also need to provide us with a rough schedule of milestones so your mentor can know if and when to nag you :)
     17Note that none of the ideas below are good enough to be submissions in their own right (so don't copy and paste)!  We'll want to know not just ''what'' you want to do but ''how'' you plan to pull it off.
     19And don't feel limited to the ideas below -- if you've got a cool project you want to work on, we'll probably be able to find you a mentor.  We plan on approving as many projects as we possibly can.
     21'''Note: we're looking for projects that add value to Django itself - ''not'' application/CMS projects that use Django.'''
     23== Ideas ==
     25Here are some suggestions for projects students may want to propose (lazyweb: please add to this list!). This isn't by any means the be-all and end-all of ideas; please feel free to submit proposals for things not on this list.
     27Try to scope ideas/proposals to the 4-month timeline -- simply proposing to fix a ticket or two will probably result in your proposal being rejected in favor of a more ambitious one.  The SOC '''does not cover activities other than coding''', so certain ideas ("Write a more detailed tutorial" or "Create demonstration screencasts" or "Add a pony") are not suitable for inclusion here.
     29 * Placeholder - add your ideas here.
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