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Running the test framework

When you submit a patch, you should always attach tests. Here are the guidelines for running the test framwork to, ahem, test your tests.

Tests should be run with source:django/trunk/tests/

See also TestingDjango (I wasn't aware it existed before I started this).


To run tests, settings need to be provided.

Here's one possible way to do it using sqlite:

$ cd tests
$ ../django/bin/ startproject test_settings
$ sed -i "s/DATABASE_ENGINE = ''/DATABASE_ENGINE = 'sqlite3'/;s/DATABASE_NAME = ''/DATABASE_NAME = 'test.db'/" test_settings/
$ cd ..
$ python tests/ --verbosity=2 --settings=test_settings.settings

Running only specific tests

This example runs only form tests.

$ python tests/ --verbosity=2 --settings=test_settings.settings forms

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