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PyCon Sprint 2006

Notes from the kickoff meeting Sun 2/26 to figure out what to work on over the next four days


Anyone who's interested in participating is invited to help us out. We'll be hanging out in #django-sprint on over these next four days, so those who aren't in Dallas should find us there. Jacob will be there (and at the sprint physically) tomorrow through Thursday from about 10am until whenever (Central time).

Jacob will also be giving any sprinter an account and database on his server if anyone needs a place to work.


(My sincere apologies if I spelled anyone's name wrong --JKM)

  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  • Brett Hoerner
  • Jason Papas
  • Jeremy Dunck
  • Eugene Lazutkin
  • Barry Peterson
  • Joseph Kocherhans
  • Ivo Majetic
  • John Gill
  • Rock Howard
  • Duncan Foster

Virtual sprinters

(Djanglers not in Dallas who will participate can add their names here)

  • Luke Plant (Monday only)
  • Matt Croydon
  • Adrian Holovaty

Sprint topics and participants

  • Wrap up magic-removal (and merge to trunk if we get that far); this includes edit-inline fixes, automatic manipulators, and all the other stuff at RemovingTheMagic. (JKM, Adrian, Matt)

  • Bug fixes - we should come out of the sprint with no serious (i.e. crash-level) bugs. (Rock, Duncan)

  • Review and apply outstanding patches. (Jacob, Rock, Eugene on MySQL patches)
    • Any outstanding patches that were instantly actionable -- with the exception of the SQL-threading ones -- have been acted upon. Anything still open is questionable, difficult, or otherwise something that can't be acted upon already.
  • Work on Oracle/MSSQL/ODBC/??? database backends. (Jeremy, Ivo, Joseph)

  • Documentation improvements - leave no stone undocumented. (Rock, Jacob, Jeremy)

  • Work on a Django application repository ("Django standard library"). (Defer to a later date; we might try to come up with a spec...)

  • Schema evolution. (Jacob, Adrian)

  • Subclassing (Joseph, Jason, Jeremy)

  • Data loading for machines via web services or something (Rock, Jacob)
  • Django database table name prefix (for built-in tables): settings.DJANGO_TABLENAME_PREFIX (Jacob)
  • Callable defaults (#1409) auto_now & auto_now_add still need to be fixed and removed. Waiting for manip/validation changes tho. (Joseph)
  • AuthorField, IPAddressField (jacob)

Topics without champions

  • Migration utility for converting from Django 0.91 to magic-removal. This could probably just look at your models and view code and make suggestions for which lines of code need changing.
  • Migration utilities for people converting to Django (Cheetah/Kid -> Django template compilers)

  • Make bits of Django into distributable components that don't rely on the rest of the stack (namely DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE). These bits include templates, the database layer, and url resolution.

  • Transactions (since Transactions - or the UnitOfWork stuff - will need things like the descriptors for attributes from magic-removal, I think it should be done after magic-removal hits trunk, maybe even for 1.1. Otherwise it's rather hairy to do when people change stuff on all ends directly ;-) -- hugo) Done in [2457] -- JKM
  • unicodefication (suggestion by me -- hugo)
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