L10n formats status for 1.2

Last update: r13187

The purpose of this wiki page is to track the status of the formats.py files under django/conf/locale/<LOCALE>/

See the format localization docs, the output format specifiers docs, tickets #11637, #12980 and commit [13039].


The following values exist for the Status column in the table below regarding the django/conf/locale/<LOCALE>/formats.py file:

  • OK as of rNNNN -- The file has been updated by the translation maintainer(s) in the relevant revision. It is ready for Django 1.2.
  • available -- The file exists and is probably OK. Please review it for changes needed as per the above docs and tickets and mark it as OK in the table or report changes needed.
  • missing -- The file does not exist, it needs to be created so the format L10N features can be made available on the locale out of the box.

The table

Locale Status
ar available
bg available
bn available
bs Added in r13121
ca OK as of r13050
cs available
cy available
da available
de available
el available
en available
en_GB New and OK as of r13053
es OK as of r13050
es_AR OK as of r13045
et available
eu OK as of r13050
fa available
fi available
fr available
fy_NL Added in r13123
ga available
gl available
he available
hi available
hr available
hu available
id Added in r13186
is available
it OK as of r13073
ja available
ka available
km available
kn available
ko available
lt OK as of r13050
lv OK as of r13050
mk available
mn New and OK as of r13092
nl available
nn available
nb (previously no) OK as of r13047
pl available
pt OK as of r13051
pt_BR OK as of r13091
ro available
ru available
sk OK as of r13142
sl available
sq Added in r13120
sr available
sr_Latn available
sv OK as of r131222
ta available
te available
th available
tr OK as of r13071
uk available
vi OK as of r13050
zh_CN available
zh_TW available
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