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The Leave workflow application

settings file

standard settings

    'django.contrib.workflow',    # uses the workflow engine
    'leavedemo.leave',            # the leave application

specific settings

WF_APPS_PREFIX = 'leavedemo'

This is the url prefix for workflow application definition; for example, in the workflow definition the application app1 is mapped on the url /leavedemo/app1

WF_PUSH_APPS_PREFIX = 'leavedemo.leave.pushapplications'

this is the module containing the push applications functions; for example, the push application pushapp1 is a function defined as following in the leavedemo/leave/ module:

def pushapp1(workitem):
    return aUser file

Starting a workflow instance

the start_application is a handler that display a form used to create an instance of the workflow process:


     {'process_name':'leave', 'form_class':RequestForm, 'template':'start_leave.html'}),

next soon ...

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