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What needs to be done to migrate Django development to GitHub? As Adrian mentioned in his blog post here:

I want us to move from Subversion to Git, hosted on GitHub. Obviously, this is a large project with many repercussions, not the least of which is how our bug tracker and development process will change. We'll likely end up with some sort of hybrid system with our existing Trac installation, given how much we have invested in it. I predict some pain during this process, but it'll be worth doing for a whole bunch of reasons.

There are Trac <-> Git plugins, but none are really that great. OpenBlock uses one and LocalWiki used to before moving entirely to GitHub.

So we could keep Trac around for issues and wiki pages, and just use GitHub for pull requests, etc. The problem with a hybrid model is that people will inevitably post issues on GitHub and it makes it harder for new contributors to figure out what they're supposed to do. Given that there will be pain in migrating either way it might be easier to just move over issues and the wiki all at once.

Migrating all the Trac issues and wiki pages to github should be fairly painless. The main problem that I ran into when migrating LocalWiki's tickets is that the migration script I found didn't preserve issue numbers -- meaning that links often broke. There are probably lots of other warts out there.

Let's make a plan!

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